How to Invest in Top 20 Altcoins Using the Same Tool

Cryptocurrency market is just a few years old, and still there are hunderds of altcoins of different fates and perspectives. There is excess of one hundred coins nowadays, which is comparable to securities market of a small country. Not all of them are developing projects; it’s only about 40% of.

Ripple Rises and Partners with Japanese Financial Giant

Lately Ripple wasn’t performing as good as some other cryptocurrencies on the market. Ethereum even briefly replaced it on the 2nd position of market cap rating. People expected it to get flattened out by Ethereum any moment. They were eating popcorn watching the company’s native token XRP sinking. However, as.

Dash is Determined to Supersede Bitcoin as a Real PayPal Alternative

Last week, Dash, previously known as Darkcoin, celebrated two years in existence. The project’s community celebrated the anniversary by voting aye on increasing Dash’s block size from 1 MB to 2 MB. Even though the developers never insisted on this kind of solution, 99% of voters agreed with the proposal..

ZCash Releases Alpha for Untraceable Cryptocurrency

ZCash issued an alpha-version for cryptocurrency Zcash previously known as Zerocoin or Zerocash. The cryptography underlying the altcoin, employs so-called proof of zero knowledge. As opposed to bitcoin, which provides for pseudonymity of transactions, Zcash, according to its developers, may guarantee complete anonymity while retaining all positive features of bitcoin,.

Blockchain-based Permacoin System May Replace Torrents

Permacoin as a cryptocurrency has long been a mere concept in a white paper. It might be considered a ‘useful’ cryptocurrency, as mining capacities in Permacoin network are utilized not only in issuance of new coins, but in data storage. Initially, the permacoin concept was conceived by five specialists from.