Reports: Cryptotechnologies Garner Record-Breaking Acceptance and Investment

Contrary to numerous predictions and announcements of bitcoin and related technologies being bleeding demised, recent reports depict a picture of increasing and, at times, overwhelming interest and support from financial industry. Thus, according to the report compiled by FTI Consulting, 70% of surveyed financial institutions believe that the blockchain technology.

Hashing Cash: Will Cryptocurrencies Replace Banknotes?

Earlier this February, German ministry of finance came up with a proposal to limit cash transactions to €5,000. While the move has launched yet another set of indignation ripples across local society, it can hardly be perceived as something new. Most European countries have already imposed some restrictions on amounts.

Hard-fork May Cause Legal Problems to Miners and Developers, Lawyer Says

With the commonly acknowledged lack of general consensus in the notorious block size debate, the community may eventually face unexpected legal problems in case a hard-fork is implemented, according to Daniel Friedberg, head of an American law company Riddell Williams PS. In his recent post he outlined the issues that.

Bank-discriminated Legal Marijuana Industry Opts For Bitcoin

In the U.S., four states have already legalized recreational marijuana, namely Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington alongside with Washington D.C. While the business is completely legal there, and is mostly dedicated to medical purposes, American federal laws still consider marijuana businesses illegal. For that reason, American banks are very reluctant.

Bitcoin Halving and its Impact on the Price in 2016

The year 2016 will see twofold reduction in mining rewards for a found block. The overall supply of bitcoins is finite, and comprises 21 million coins. A coin first sees the light every time a miner solves a block. The bitcoin protocol dictates that the quantity of bitcoins used as.

Currency Notes of Bitcoin: today and tomorrow

The Nature of Currency Notes In the course of money functioning, regardless of the commodity acting as a common equivalent, its notes sporadically emerge in the form of monetary liabilities and bonds. A monetary liability is a security establishing its issuer’s liability to exchange the note for a predetermined amount.