Lightning Meetup in Kyiv: What Will Happen to Bitcoin After Lightning Network

On May 12, Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv hosted Bitcoin Lightning Meetup, where the Lightning Network’s team presented their protocol’s advantages and spoke about its possible impact on bitcoin and global economy. In this article the basic implications will be explained.

Bitcoin and the War on Cash

The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister is going to host a wide international anti-corruption summit in London on May 12. “The summit will seek to galvanise a global response to tackle corruption. As well as agreeing a package of actions to tackle corruption across the board, it will deal with issues including corporate secrecy, government transparency, […]

Is the Hunting of Satoshi Over?

Even if this week block size debate had been settled, Kraken had acquired Visa, and Mike Hearn had proposed to Gavin Andresen, those news would have faded into oblivion next to the one concerning seemingly incontestable evidence of what earlier seemed merely impossible – true identity of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Where and How to Establish Your Own Nation with Blockchain and Cryptoanarchists

International laws have been featuring a term dubbed ‘terra nullius’ for hundreds of years. Even with the minimal level of Latin acquisition one is totally capable of understanding what it means: nobody’s land. Back in colonial times, the term was as popular as YouTube nowadays. There was no better thing in the world for conquerors […]

Can Bitcoin Be Trustless?

Individualist societies lack solidarity relations insuring from ambiguity. An individual’s life in this kind of society mostly depends on his or her ability to purchase necessary items on markets. For that reasons, individuals look for a thing, or a commodity, that would enable them to purchase any commodity in future. Any individual looks for a […]

The Panama Papers: Banks and Private Blockchains in the Service of Corruption

Last year, blockchain has effectively become a buzzword for banking organizations. The initiative of R3CEV, an umbrella for several major financial players, is the talk of the town. However, in the light of recent leakage of so-called Panama papers, all those initiatives, from Ripple experiments to R3CEV, should probably be considered from a different point […]

Bitcoin, Cashless Economy and NIRP, Part II

Part One covered general features and peculiarities of bitcoin in comparison to national currencies of a cashless economy. Part Two covers bitcoin’s perspectives under conditions of negative percent rate policy (NIRP).

Bitcoin, Cashless Economy and NIRP, Part I

Publications specialized in covering crypto-industry use the term ‘cashless economy’ in the context of convergence between modern-day national currencies and bitcoin. While bitcoin hasn’t been a coin or a banknote for a single day in the first place, national currencies are only starting to abandon those ‘barbarian’ forms. Digitized national currencies require a certain degree […]

Ethereum in the Spotlight

The enormous hype around Ethereum these days has hardly been a surprise. With its market cap steadily being second to Bitcoin’s, and mind-boggling price surge of nearly +1,200% during only first three months of 2016, the project and its native token have become even more popular than good old Bitcoin.

Block Size Debate and Anarchy

If Bitcoin is a monetary incarnation of cryptoanarchism principles, the question of what a Solomon’s decision on block size would be like is not a private issue meaningful just for coders, bitcoin businesses owners and enthusiasts. It is an isolated situation of a more general question: what is the golden rule for making socially important […]

KYC: Know Your Cryptocurrency

Government institutions are well-known for their continuing attempts to impose controls on everything they may possibly think of. This is not a modern trend; examples of this kind of behavior are identifiable throughout the whole history of humankind. Government is all about controlling after all, and any such entity, be it in ancient Egypt, the […]

Opinion: There is No Block Size Problem

This is the guest post by Eugene Radchenko from AIRA DAO on blocksize debate and related issues. The views expressed are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of Forklog. In recent months, the issue of Bitcoin’s block size increase has become a burning point separating the community. Some stand for it, others […]