Blockchain and Civil Rights

One of the problems inherent in modern-day social and financial system is the degree of their transparency. The very wording seems inappropriate, as you would hardly ever see something this opaque unless you look under someone’s eyelids on the morning of January 1st.

Bitcoin Reputation and Headlines

Bitcoin is one of the most ambiguous currencies in the world. Certainly, there is Zimbabwe Dollar, a currency used in toilet paper’s stead, as actual toilet paper is worth more than itself, and, when used, it has way more backing. Zimbabwe Dollar’s reputation is a fine example of what may.

Education with Blockchain

There wasn’t anything resembling modern day education system in ancient times. Back then, schools provided only the knowledge strictly required to survive in contemporary society, like skills of counting, reading, writing, and other information depending on the school’s geographic location. In ancient Greece, there was an entire concept dubbed kalokagathia,.

Bitcoin as a Feminist Weapon

Gender differentiation today looks outdated and uncourteous in today’s society, not because there are no differences of that kind, but because depriving people on that basis is a mere nineteenth century. Some people just tend to discriminate others, but they’re inconsistent, and choose the most illogical concepts from the bunch of.

Afterhalving: What Else Can Influence Bitcoin Price

Reward halving is about to happen in less than hour, and the community gets oversaturated with the opinions as to what will happen to bitcoin price and the cryptocurrency itself once it occurs. Still, halving isn’t the only thing capable of seriously impacting bitcoin price. ForkLog brought together all anticipated.