Longread: ForkLog as a Reflection of Bitcoin Concept

When someone asks me, how your publication works, I usually say it’s a miracle. It has suffered troubled times, and now has almost nothing to do with its initial state. If answering the question seriously, the most correct answer would be – the deuce knows. Answering the question seriously is.

Longread: Corruption and Blockchain

The idea that corruption is not really good comes from the very word, which derives from Latin for “spoilage”. That is how they called it in the ancient Rome, where it became comparable to the contemporary corruption in terms of scale by Caesar’s times. In order to give the phenomenon.

Longread: Failcoin and Proof-of-Meaningless

Cryptocurrency startup  The Center for World Domination and Alternate Topography announced it is in the process of developing their own altcoin focused on the essence of the universe. The altcoin is called Failcoin. As opposed to most other cryptocurrencies, which are mined under complex mathematical algorithms and gain value due.

Longread: Blockchain and proof of authorship

It so fell out that I use my spare time to come up with bizarre jokes. Most of them are too complicated to become popular; however, sometimes my majesty comes down from the ivory tower and generates something that immediately spreads out like a virus. It spreads out so effectively.

Longread: blockchain, revolution & Stockholm syndrome

Mainstream fuss around the blockchain is quite understandable; after all, the technology may bring tons of joy to various financial institutions, and it would be silly of them to deny that. However, at least partial enthusiasm within the cryptocommunity in this regard is hardly justified. Certainly, some reservations that major.

Longread: Blockchain revolution & Proof of Jenny

The first time I ever heard about bitcoin was, just like for many others, in 2010 or 2011. I read about it from a post, whose author’s rejoice could fit an alchemist that had finally extracted the philosopher’s stone. This kind of elation may seed some doubt in a mind.

Longread: Clash of generations and Cryptotechnologies

Almost everything we usually deem progressive is based on something one might call ?a battle of generations’. It takes roots in ancient, if not mythological, times, when a nice young lad killed his dad and married his mom so impressively they even had to dub a complex in his honor;.

Halloween Longread. The Myths and Legends in Cryptotechnologies

Any activity having something romantic around it, will inevitably grow a mythological network. Most of those myths can be classified as urban legends, even though there might be no city involved. American urban legends are known to everyone – even those who never saw America with their own eyes.