A Centralized Version of Bitcoin Developed for the Bank of England

Researchers from the University College of London have developed a digital currency system resembling Bitcoin on the request from the Bank of England, the country’s central bank. Dubbed RSCoin, the system is based on distributed ledger technology and allows for fast and convenient transfer of digital values. However, as opposed.

Launch of Decentralized Crowdfunding and Trading Platform Waves Announced

Waves development team along with Cryptoasset.fund and Scorex framework developers has announced it launches a decentralized crowdfunding and virtual values trading platform. Initial coin offering of WAVES is scheduled for April 2016, while test net release is to happen this summer. The system is dedicated for issuance of proprietary values, including.

JPMorgan Chase and Digital Asset Launch Experimental Blockchain Project

According to the Financial Times, America’s biggest bank in assets, JP Morgan Chase, partnered with New York-based startup Digital Asset Holdings launched an experimentap project to implement blockchain technology in banking. The blockchain technology becomes increasingly popular these days. More and more banks and financial instiututions recognize its advantages. The.

R3CEV Tests Blockchain for Banking Institutions

A renowned blockchain startup R3CEV leading a consortium of 42 major banks and financial institutions announced it had finalized technology testing with eleven members of the group. According to the company’s statement, the testing covered Ethereum network-based distributed ledger. However, it was Microsoft Azure that hosted the network. Previously, Microsoft.

Trading Shares at LSE for Bitcoins Now Available

Bitcoin became applicable as collateral margin for trades with shares and exchange traded funds at London Stock Exchange. This functionality is available for clientelle of First Global Credit as it announced listing of respective assets as available shares. The company employs a derivative named TRS (total return swap) to sell.

The Banks and the Blockchain

The year 2015 has certainly become the year when major banks finally faced the fact that innovations cannot be overcome, and that the old system is in decline. However, as I mentioned earlier in another article, the enthusiasm of the community regarding the corporate world’s warm embrace of the blockchain.

Crypto Future for Business Development

Special Read in Russian Professional communities discuss ways to implement decentralized technologies apart from finances. Opportunities and prospects of technologies underlying Bitcoin are still beyond fulfillment. One of the most promising ways of using the technology is implementing it within business processes of an enterprise both to optimize accounting, and.