What’s Inside QIWI’s Blockchain System, and Why Does Russia Need Its Own R3CEV

Speaking at Blockchain and Open Platforms 2016 conference held this April, Alexei Arkhipov, director for crypto-technologies at Russian payments operator QIWI, has announced that the company has implemented and started testing blockchain technology in its operations. He also came up with a proposal a Russian technological consortium in the likeness.

Bitcoin and Blockchain in Estonia: Between Two Banks

ForkLog continues exploring cryptocurrency worlds of different countries. Earlier we took a close look at bitcoin’s stance in Bulgaria and Finland. Today we decided to explore one of the Baltic states, Estonia. There are not too many news concerning blockchain and cryptocurrencies coming from Estonia; however, the country has its.

First Decentralized Exchange Launched in Beta: Interview with Bitsquare Founder

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Bitsquare has finally launched in Beta on April 27. The exchange was presented to local Bitcoin community at Fab Lab event in Barcelona by project founder Manfred Karrer. The event is the “starting point of a 6 weeks tour through European cities to present Bitsquare at local Meetups.

A Different View on Ethereum: Interview with Expanse Team

Ethereum’s amazing underlying concept, serious media coverage of the platform and price surge of Ethereum’s native token ETH couldn’t remain unnoticed. Ethereum, just like Bitcoin, now has its own clones, or, in simple terms, forks. One of such forks is blockchain system Expanse launched without any ICO as a decentralized.

Kyiv to Host Roundtable on Bitcoin’s Legal Status in Ukraine

In late May, Ukraine‘s capital of Kyiv will host a roundtable dedicated to discussing and finding common grounds in legal perception of cryptocurrency. ForkLog talked with one of the roundtable’s initiators, Nestor Dubnevych, to find out what legal problems the industry faces in the light of regulatory framework’s absence.

How Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Smart Contracts Work in IT Jurisprudence

The bitcoin ecosystem is becoming the place for many financial startups. Still, finance is highly regulated field, so some legal firms try to catch the zeitgeist of 2016. ForkLog talked with the founder of law firm lexnet.io, Valentin Pivovarov to find out how jurisprudence keeps up with the times and.