Cryptocurrency Exchanges: A Serious talk about their Future

The year 2015 was quite eventful for Bitcoin and the community, while the cryptocurrency exchanges were right in the centre. Along with rising popularity of the “blockchain” buzzword in various newspapers, many people have lost interest in Bitcoin as an investment instrument and switched to the blockchain investments.

BitStarz Interview: What awaits Bitcoin Gambling in 2016?

The online gambling industry has been an early adopter of cryptocurrency from the very beginning, however the next year might become the best year ever for crypto casinos. We talked with one of the industry’s major players on Bitcoin gambling prospects.

Applied Bitcoin Psychology: an Interview with the Adoption Researcher

Sanne Kiljan, 23, a Dutch psychology student and an active bitcoiner holds a research project on broad acceptance of bitcoin in order to graduate as a bachelor of psychology at his university in Eindhoven, Netherlands. According to the press-release to the project, it seeks to investigate – using a quantitative.

Cryptocurrency Investment 101: Interview with

Last week announced a crowdfunding round to attract 42 BTC for the project’s development. In return, the supporting investors will obtain 3% of CFUND tokens. was founded one year ago, and on November 17, 2015, the organization registered in bitcoin’s blockchain by signing the genesis agreement. ForkLog (FL).