Fighting for Decentralization: Interview With Ethereum Classic Coordinator

It’s been almost six months since the fateful Ethereum hardfork that followed notorious The DAO attack. The turmoil around the fork has subsided since then, so now it’s high time to calmly assess the situation and take a closer look at Ethereum Classic.

Russian Celebrity Alexander Shulgin on Decentralization and Inevitability of a New Reality

The technological revolution including cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is boggling the minds of the contemporaries, launching the most daring and fantastic scenarios of our civilization’s future. Talking with ForkLog, a well-known Russian visionary, composer, venture investor and founder of corporate group Familia Alexander Shulgin shared his vision of blockchain technology and the system of tomorrow’s […]

Ethtrade: 2016 Has Become the Year of Ethereum’s Maturing

This year, Ethereum has been one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies. The year 2016 started with a series of wins for the ambitious project, yet shortly afterwards it faced a series of problems. However, notwithstanding the hardfork after The DAO’s collapse, and the subsequent emergence of Ethereum Classic, many experts still believe Ethereum is a […]

Attic Lab CEO: Blockchain’s Only Chance Is In Conquering The Masses

As ForkLog reported earlier, a group of crypto-enthusiasts from Ukraine is attempting to launch a blockchain platform designed for banking that could become a fully-fledged alternative to Visa and MasterCard, and provide financial institutions with full functionality to run their operations.

Art for Bitcoin Gallery: Bitcoin in the World of Fine Arts

Cryptocurrencies are gradually entering our lives. They draw attention not only from traders and miners, but also from people of the arts. They write songs, film movies, and write books about cryptocurrencies. No wonder there is a project on cryptocurrencies and painting. ForkLog contacted the project’s creator and designer Vitaly Udovenko to find out more […]

Russia Lacks Legal Terrain for Cryptocurrency Regulation Says Technology Advocate

Elina Sidorenko, head of Russian State Duma (Parliament) working group on assessment of cryptocurrency risks, admits there’s not much to say about legalization of cryptocurrencies die to the legal vacuum.

Waves Founder Sasha Ivanov on Blockchain’s Omnitude and Recipe for Successful ICO

In an exclusive interview, CEO and founder of Waves Sasha Ivanov told ForkLog about his vision of development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain; new emerging trends in fundraising; and gave a few valuable pieces of advice to anyone considering an ICO.

Sberbank Official Says National Cryptocurrency Is a Foundation for Digital Economy

Over this year, Sberbank, Russia’s biggest bank, has proven its interest in blockchain technology in practice. The bank has launched several major blockchain-related projects focused on IT, insurance, trade financing, and documents exchange between companies and departments.

Mass Network: We Don’t Force Certain Economic Models on the Market

Even though some community members believe that Mass Network, a global advertising platform that’s about to launch, has a lot in common with Brave Browser or AdBlock Plus, the project’s developers seem to have a different opinion.

HashCoins CTO About Corporate Use of EmerCoin Services

The EmerCoin team has repeatedly stated that the project puts its stake mostly in implementing its services in real businesses rather than in developing a cryptocurrency. A brief look at EMC price chart shows that the speculation factor has little effect on it, and most price surges can be associated with news on the project’s […]

Evan Duffield about Dash Evolution, Crippled ICO, and Lack of Competitors

There are quite a number of people in the cryptocommunity eagerly anticipating the upcoming Dash Evolution, the new phase of Dash. However, even Dash’s lead developer, Evan Duffield, seems to be unaware of when it’s going to happen.

Ukraine’s Payment Service Founder Says Blockchain Is Exceptionally Interesting in Terms of Commerce

Each day, blockchain, the technology that underlies Bitcoin, penetrates the world of finances deeper and deeper with many signs pointing to it eventually winning a big part of the market. Ukraine is no exception in this regard. Moreover, the largest country in Europe  has every reason to consider itself one of blockchain’s trend-makers.