EXANTE: Winklevoss Brothers’ ETF to Skyrocket Bitcoin Price

Back in 2011, when just a few knew about the existence of cryptocurrencies and even fewer people believed in their future, founders of Bitcoin Hedge Fund Anatoliy Knyazev, Alexey Kirienko, and Gatis Eglitis put their stakes on bitcoin and this was  the right thing to do. The price of bitcoin was.

CEO of Steemit: Blockchain-Based Social Media Gives People Their Freedom Back

Founders of Steemit, a platform rewarding its users for creating and curating content, believe that  blockchain technology can be applied to social media. Forklog discussed the idea of leveraging the technology behind bitcoin for social media applications with Ned Scott, Steemit Co-founder and CEO. Forklog: The first question is about.

EmerLabs: Cryptocurrency Market Is Now Controlled by Speculators

June 29, Emercoin and Microsoft Azure have announced that Emercoin Blockchain Engine is added to Azure Marketplace. The app will enable developers to use Emer blockchain system within Microsoft Azure environment. ForkLog asked Stanislav Polozov, director for implementation at Emerlabs, as to how the platform currently works, its capabilities and.

Halving and Yuan Deprecation: Why Bitcoin Price Grows

Over the course of these two weeks, bitcoin has broken several records having surpassed the $500, $600 and $700 marks in a sequence. ForkLog talked with cryptocurrency trading expert Kir Kelevra to find out the reasons for the upsurge and the perspectives it might provide to traders.

New Head of Russian Blockchain Community Reveals its Plans

June 6, the position of Blockchain.community’s board chairman, previously occupied by Alex Fork, was taken by Artem Tolkachev, the managing partner at law firm Tolkachev & Partners and expert in legal regulation of cryptotechnologies. ForkLog talked with the newly elected chairman to find out more about the organization’s plans and.