Crypti and Chainlab to Launch a Platform for Creation of DAO

A few days ago, when Tel Aviv-based blockchain startup Chainlab has announced it raised investment from Bitmain Technology, the DAO platform Wings first hit the news. Back then, Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu said: “Bitmain invested because we see a great team and we look forward to seeing Wings grows into.

Russian Mining: Interview with 51ASIC’s CEO

ForkLog’s editorial board has been pretty surprised when it found an online store selling mining equipment from Russian town of Smolensk. 51ASIC has been active since 2013. It services lots of clients, and, as it seems, has a good reputation attached. ForkLog talked with the company’s CEO, Evgeny Zolotoy, to.

BitFury CEO: Blockchain Can Deliver Transparency And Accountability To Any Democracy

On April 29, The BitFury Group, one of the world’s leading Blockchain technology companies, announced its expansion to full-service digital asset company. In addition to its hardware, the company will now be offering a comprehensive suite of software capabilities. New software solutions include big data mining and advanced blockchain analytics.

Smile-Expo Organizers Shed Light on Preparation for Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague

The day when Czech Republic’s capital of Prague will host yet another cryptotechnology conference Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague is drawing nearer. The conference is expected to throw sunshine on the industry’s most recent achievements. ForkLog contacted the conference’s organizers, Smile-Expo, to find out more about preparations for the event.

What’s Inside QIWI’s Blockchain System, and Why Does Russia Need Its Own R3CEV

Speaking at Blockchain and Open Platforms 2016 conference held this April, Alexei Arkhipov, director for crypto-technologies at Russian payments operator QIWI, has announced that the company has implemented and started testing blockchain technology in its operations. He also came up with a proposal a Russian technological consortium in the likeness.

Bitcoin and Blockchain in Estonia: Between Two Banks

ForkLog continues exploring cryptocurrency worlds of different countries. Earlier we took a close look at bitcoin’s stance in Bulgaria and Finland. Today we decided to explore one of the Baltic states, Estonia. There are not too many news concerning blockchain and cryptocurrencies coming from Estonia; however, the country has its.