Kyiv to Host Roundtable on Bitcoin’s Legal Status in Ukraine

In late May, Ukraine‘s capital of Kyiv will host a roundtable dedicated to discussing and finding common grounds in legal perception of cryptocurrency. ForkLog talked with one of the roundtable’s initiators, Nestor Dubnevych, to find out what legal problems the industry faces in the light of regulatory framework’s absence.

How Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Smart Contracts Work in IT Jurisprudence

The bitcoin ecosystem is becoming the place for many financial startups. Still, finance is highly regulated field, so some legal firms try to catch the zeitgeist of 2016. ForkLog talked with the founder of law firm, Valentin Pivovarov to find out how jurisprudence keeps up with the times and.

The DAO in-depth: Interview with Stephan Tual, CTO

The Ethereum company prepares to launch a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) as a new type of corporate funding and management. The Germany-based company develops Ethereum-based software for smart locks, dubbed “slocks”, thus connecting shareable items and the Internet of Things to blockchain ecosystem. In an interview to ForkLog (FL).

VISA and Bitcoin Will Change Banking Together

A few days ago, published an interesting feature by Corezoid founder and PrivatBank’s e-business center head, Alexander Vityaz. His predictions stating that VISA, not Bitcoin or blockchain technology, will eventually destroy the banking system, have gone viral across media and social networks. ForkLog talked with Alexander to make things.