Waves Platform Announces Launch of Waves Community Token (WCT)

The Waves blockchain platform has announced the upcoming launch of a new token as a part of its recently introduced Custom Application Token (CAT) facility on the mainnet. The new token distribution will enable Waves to foster community engagement in the next nine months.

Bitcoin Rally Continues: Price Tops $900

The incredible rally of bitcoin price continued overnight into Friday. As of 5.00 UTC, the first cryptocurrency’s weighted average exchange rate has surpassed the $900 mark.

Bitcoin Price Tops $850

Bitcoin has surpassed the $850 mark, and by 8.00 UTC its average weighted exchange rate has comprised $863.52. At Bitstamp, Bitcoin price is currently $858, while Bitfinex offers $859, and BTC-e $844.

Bitcoin Price Tops $800

Overnight into Wednesday, December 21, bitcoin price has reached its maximum since February 2014 following the new spate of activity on the side of Chinese investors, effectively surpassing $800.