PrivatBank: Blockchain is Great, but We Put Our Stake on Bitcoin

Dmitri Donets, deputy chairman of e-business center at PrivatBank presented an extended speech on the bank’s cryptocurrency-related intents at Blockchain Conference Kyiv.

MIT Researchers to Launch Beta of Encrypted Data Platform Enigma

A group of researchers and entrepreneurs from MIT Media Lab announced beta version of their encrypted daya platform Enigma will soon be released. The system has been in development since July 2015. It employs blockchain technology to maintait safe and secure sharing of sensitive data with third parties. The platform itself is named after famous […]

Number of Ethereum Transactions Tripled Following the Launch of Elephant Platform

During the launch of financial platform Elephant, number of transactions in the Ethereum network tripled, and comprised 21,000 at press time. As of today, Elephant services over 30,000 . It is considered one of the biggest Ethereum-based projects.

SegWit-based Proposal Garners over 30 Signatures of Bitcoin Core Developers

The notorious block size debate is about to gain yet another dimension following the release of a “road map” conceptualized by Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell.

The French Members of the European Parliament Seek to Ban Bitcoin Activities

The motion tabled on November 25 by three European Parliament members representing a French right-wing party seeks to grant the right to the EU member states “to exercise stricter controls over all virtual currency exchange transactions and even to prohibit them”.

Latest Report States Virtual Currency is Attack Prone without State Support

A non-profit think tank RAND Corporation funded by the Pentagon and U.S. Homeland Security released a report titled “National Security Implications of Virtual Currency”, which analyzes possible scenarios of using virtual currencies (referred to in the text as just VC) by terrorists, insurgentes, organized criminals, and malevolent individuals, collectively referred to as non-state actors. The […]

Bitcoin Foundation Suspends the Board Elections and Intends to Hold a Referendum Instead

The Bitcoin Foundation has announced its decision to suspend the elections for its board, and to hold something called a ‘special referendum’ instead. The Foundation’s executive director Bruce Fenton stated: “The logistics and time involved in a general public election are not practical right now given our focus, priorities, and resources.” Considering the recent news […]

Russian Ministry of Communications to Research Blockchain Technology

According to Russian minister for communications, Nikolay Nikiforov, options of using bitcoin’s underlying technology of blockchain to the benefit of the state should be scrutinized. He told that on the sidelines of “Internet Economy” forum on December 21.

Coinbase Suspends Accounts of a User Who Found an Exploit in Their System

According to a post on Reddit, a Coinbase’s customer helped the company to eliminate a potentially critical exploit in their system, but eventually found himself banned for no obvious reason.

A Draft Bill Implying Bitcoin Legalization Introduced in the Russian Parliament

December 18, a draft code implying penalization of issuance and exchange of, and operation with “money surrogates”, was introduced to the Russian Parliament, the State Duma. Russian authorities were going to equal cryprocurrencies to the said surrogates, and even introduce criminal and administrative punishment for any operations related thereto.

Russian Anti-Censorship NPO Proposes Users to Join Its Unbanning Efforts

Following the notorious court ruling as to the “eternal ban” of several Russian websites, including extremely popular BitTorrent tracker, RosKomSvoboda, The Center for Protection of Digital Rights, and some activists initiated a campaign titled “The Battle of Runet”. The campaign provides for consolidation of efforts of those thinking the so-called “anti-piracy law” violates their […]

Japan Prepares to Regulate Digital Currencies and Embrace the Blockchain

A dedicated working group at Japan’s Financial System Council is said to have prepared a draft proposal as to providing regulation framework for digital currency.