Bitcoin Mining in Russia Still Might Put People in Jail

According to Elina Sidorenko, the head of Russian Central Bank’s working group on cryptocurrencies, Russian legislators intend to make mining regulation as friendly as possible, however, selling mined bitcoins still might put people to jail.

Kazakhstan to Move VAT Reporting to Blockchain

According to Sanzhar Kettebekov, CEO of Almaty Tech Garden, Kazakhstan is working on blockchainizing VAT data bases. As reported by local oublication LS, currently the project team is working on electronic invoices.

Encrypted VoIP Operator EncryptoTel to Launch an ICO

Seeking to enable the company to finalize its product in beta, EncryptoTel intends to launch an ICO on April 24. The company develops a secured telecom network featuring encrypted VoIP services for businesses and individuals.