Ethereum Replaces Litecoin as the World’s Third Cryptocurrency in Terms of Market Cap

Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) demonstrates hasty growth these days. In fact, it managed to replace Litecoin as the world’s third cryptcurrency in terms of market cap. In addition, ETH price has also increased.

Russia: Former Minister for Finance and Sberbank Chairman Speak about Blockchain’s Potential

During the business lunch at Sberbank of Russia, the bank’s chairman German Gref and former minister for finance of Russia Alexei Kudrin shared their vision of blockchain’s potential in Russia. In particular, they described the way the technology could possibly alter the country’s public management. According to Interfax Russia, Alexei Kudrin said: “Basing on what […]

New Hampshire’s Bitcoin Tax Bill Voted Down

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted down the bill HR522 which had implied that the state could collect taxes and fees in bitcoins, CoinDesk reported.

Russia Allegedly Blocks Access to Yet Another Bitcoin Exchange

Following the self-inflicted ban of Bitstamp, Russia-based users cannot access one of the biggest bitcoin exchanges, BTC-e. Notably, the block did not cover all regions of the country as yet. The screenshots provided hereunder show what Moscow-based users may see when attempting to access the website. However, we managed to access both sites from other […]

Block Size Debate: Chinese Miners Side with Bitcoin Core

China-based F2Pool, the world’s second largest miner in terms of capacity, confirmed it rejected the original idea of supporting Bitcoin Classic as a possible solution for block size scaling, and stuck with Bitcoin Core. The same decision was made by another Chinese miner HaoBTC. Its spokespersons state Chinese miners mostly side with Bitcoin Core. The […]

Bitcoin Soars as Russian Currency Descends

Following the recent fall in bitcoin price, the cryptocurrency recovered losses during the last 24 hours, and returned to the last week’s indices.

R3 Tests Blockchain for Banking Institutions

New York-based blockchain startup R3CEV leading a consortium of 42 major banks and financial institutions announced it had finalized technology testing with eleven members of the group.

The Chinese Government Advises to Keep Away from Mavrodi’s MMM

According to Chinese online publication Caixin, the government of China advised citizens to avoid an alleged Ponzi scheme led by renowned Russian fraudster Sergei Mavrodi, which has become immensely popular in China.

The International Monetary Fund Praises Cryptocurrencies

The International Monetary Fund issued a report praising the benefits of virtual currencies, and stating they are here to stay. The statement comes in contrast with the scandalous statements by Mike Hearn, which earlier claimed bitcoin failed. In a statement accompanying the report, the Managing Director of IMF Christine Lagarde said: “Virtual currencies and their […]

ZCash Releases Alpha for Untraceable Cryptocurrency

ZCash developers ammounced the realease of an alpha-version for cryptocurrency Zcash previously known as Zerocoin or Zerocash.

People’s Bank of China Intends to Create a Digital Currency

Speaking at digital currency seminar in Beijing, representatives for People’s Bank of China stated the banks had plans for creating its own digital currency. The spokespersons for the Chinese regulator said they would attempt to launch their own digital currency project “as soon as possible”. According to the official report posted on PBC’s website, the […]

BitGo Announces Instant Transactions Service

BitGo announced lauching a new service, which would allow the company’s customers to accept bitcoin transactions prior to their official confirmation on the blockchain.