Bitcoin to Be Integrated into Syscoin Platform for Decentralized Markets

Syscoin developers have announced integration of bitcoin payments in their decentralized market. From now on, users won’t have to buy SYS tokens to make purchases, and some amount of coins would suffice to use additional functionality.

The Bitcoin Roundtable Proposes Hard-Fork Timeline

Following an 18 hour-long meeting in Hong Kong, a group of miners representing nearly 80% of the network’s hash power, alongside with representatives of several prominent exchanges, issued a timeline for introducing a hard-fork solution.

EuroTrip: Bitcoin Tour Film Shooting to Begin in Russia

A filming group from Russia is heading for a eurotrip on a condition of spending bitcoins only during the journey.

Russian Central Bank to Apply Blockchain Tech

Russian authorities are traditionally cautious when it comes to cryptocurrencies, as they suspect virtual money may be used to finance terrorist organizations and possible rebellous activities. For that reason, the government continuously removes any possibility of anonymity in financial transactions. However, the Central Bank of Russia actively researches new technologies, including blockchain.

Museum of The Future Launches Global Blockchain Coincil in Dubai

The Museum of the Future, an innovation center in the United Arab Emirates, has announced it creates the Global Blockchain Council, incorporating 32 members, including three blockchain startups, BitOasis, Kraken, and YellowPay. Other members of the council are government entities and international technological corporations, like Cisco, IBM, SAP, and Microsoft. The Dubai’s media office stated […]

MtGox Trustee States Creditor Repayment Has Made Significant Progress

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange assisting the trustee for MtGox collapse investigation, has released a statement on his behalf, noting that reviewing of claims from the defunct exchange’s customers has made a significant progress. MtGox halted operations in February 2014, when then-CEO Mark Karpeles stated the exchange had suffered from a hacker attack resulting in theft […]

Ukrainian Bitcoin Exchange Halts Operations Following an Explosion at Local IT Company’s Office

Ukrainian bitcoin exchange announced it temporarily shuts down operations due to termination of financing. The company’s support service sent e-mails to all users of the exchange notifying them of the closure. Notably, the letter also states that the exchange’s employees cannot access their work places. For that reason, the support service operates at home.

Blockchain and Politics: Australian Party to Use The Tech For Direct Democracy

Australian Flux Party intends to use bitcoin in replacing representative democracy with a digital counterpart to direct democracy, Reuters reported.

Mizuho Intends to Use Blockchain in its Internal Recordkeeping

Mizuho Financial, one of Japan’s three largest banks, has announced it intends to integrate a blockchain-based solution for internal recordkeeping purposes. “We are pleased to be among the early adopters of blockchain technology in Japan to make our processes and workflows faster and more efficient,” stated Toshitsugu Okabe, deputy president and executive officer of Mizuho […]

People’s Bank of China Concedes Using Blockchain in its Own Digital Currency

The head of the People’s Bank of China conceded the central bank may use blockchain technology for its future digital currency presently under development. Speaking to Caixin Weekly, Zhou Xiaochuan stated that the PBOC may utilize blockchain technology alongside with cloud computation, secure chips, and mobile networks in its electronic currency’s operation. The statement could […]

Australian Regulator Concludes Banks Had No Сollusion to Freeze Bitcoin Companies’ Accounts

According to Australian Financial Review, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has concluded the local banks did not go into huddle by blocking their services to several bitcoin companies. The regulator said no further investigation of the matter is required. The publication references to the letter by the ACCC’s chairman Rod Sims to senator […]

Hard Fork May Cause Legal Problems to Miners and Developers, Lawyer Says

With the commonly acknowledged lack of general consensus in the notorious block size debate, the community may eventually face unexpected legal problems in case a hard fork is implemented, according to Daniel Friedberg, head of an American law company Riddell Williams PS.