People’s Bank of China Intends to Create a Digital Currency

Speaking at digital currency seminar in Beijing, representatives for People’s Bank of China stated the banks had plans for creating its own digital currency. The spokespersons for the Chinese regulator said they would attempt to launch their own digital currency project “as soon as possible”. According to the official report.

BitGo Announces Instant Transactions Service

BitGo announced lauching a new service, which would allow the company’s customers to accept bitcoin transactions prior to their official confirmation on the blockchain.

Kraken Eats Up Two American Exchanges and It’s a Big Deal

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange has announced it acquired another American exchange, Coinsetter. This includes Canadian Cavirtex in the deal as well, as it had been acquired by Coinsetter in April 2015. Kraken has also announced it enters into partnership with US-based financial startup SynapsePay, which claims it facilitates interbank money.

Russia-based Bank to Launch a Blockchain Accelerator

According to an article posted by, Tatfondband creates a fintech lab in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) in cooperation with venture investment fund Life.SREDA. The companies expect the companies selected for acceleration will engage in development of blockchain-related services.

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Now Requires Eighteen Zeros to Write It Down

For the first time in the history of cryptocurrency, the overall hash rate of bitcoin network has exceeded a thousand petahashes per second, thus reaching one quintillion operations, or one exahash, per second. This value might be considered an explicit expression of miners’ position, who apparently continue actively maintaining the.

Russian Senator States Propagation of Cryptocurrency is Inevitable

Lyudmila Bokova, deputy chairwoman at Russian Federation Council’s costitutional committee, states that propagation of cryptocurrencies in Russia shall be deemed inevitable. For that reason, she believes, the government should consider regulating cryptocurrency instead of bannning it. Last week, the head of Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin stated that his agency.

Bitcoin Classic: A New Hope following the Revenge of the Hearn

Surprisingly for many bitcoin community members, Jonathan Toomim’s Bitcoin Classic proposal has garnered support from as much as 72% of the network’s mining capacity. With the consensus threshold set at 75%, the proposal is very likely to become active in no time.

Blockchain to be Used in Yet Another Ukrainian E-Gov Project

Yet another Ukrainian city became a testing platform for blockchain integration in government management. Speaking at Blockchain Incredible Party conference in Ukrainian city of Lviv, Oleksii Konashevych, a spokesman to the electronic democracy reforming group, stated that state services platform would employ a blockchain-based voting system.