People’s Bank of China Concedes Using Blockchain in its Own Digital Currency

The head of the People’s Bank of China conceded the central bank may use blockchain technology for its future digital currency presently under development. Speaking to Caixin Weekly, Zhou Xiaochuan stated that the PBOC may utilize blockchain technology alongside with cloud computation, secure chips, and mobile networks in its electronic.

The European Union May Prohibit Cryptocurrency Transactions from Some Countries

According to the vice commissioner of the European Council Valdis Dombrovskis, the regulations may incorporate prohibition of transactions from so-called “high-risk countries”. Speaking at a press conference in Brussels on Saturday, February 13, Dombrovskis stated: “By June at the latest we will propose measures to […] have better control of.

Bitstamp Accessible from Russia Again

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp stated it is back online in Russia. According to the company’s tweet, the site is available for Russia-based users again. Effective immediately, @Bitstamp is again accessible from Russia. — Bitstamp (@Bitstamp) February 12, 2016 Nearly a month ago, in January 2016, Bitstamp’s administration announced it had temporarily.

Estonian Nasdaq to Adopt Shareholders Voting on Blockchain

As reported by Baltic Course, Nasdaq will cooperate with the Estonian e-residency platform to maintain e-voting service for companies listed on Nasdaq’s Tallin stock exchange. The service will allow the shareholders to vote on various issues without being actually present. Estonian e-residency program allows foreign residents to obtain virtual residency.

Gavin Andresen Withdraws BIP 101

Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Core developer, announced he dismissed his BIP 101 proposal. The proposal was the basis for Bitcoin XT protocol. BIP 101 was developed in summer 2015 by Andresen and recently departed Mike Hearn. Their solution, however, was widely criticized due to its aggressive block size increase to 8.

Estonian Bitcoin Trial Reviewed by the State Court

The cryptocurrency trial in Estonia, or so-called “bitcoin case” was reviewed in open court hearing. A Netherlands enrepreneur, Otto de Voogd, faces trial for running a cryptocurrency exchange. Possible punishment for his activities may place him in jail or cause him to pay enormous penalty fee. Open hearing is an.

Ethereum Venture Company Releases its Flagship Blockchain Suite

A venture company founded by some prominent figures of the Ethereum realm, Ethcore, has announced it releases a blockchain suite dubbed Parity. Parity, according to the company, is its flagship implementation of blockchain compatible with Ethereum. The product is written in Rust language, Ethcore’s co-founder Dr. Gavin Wood stated. According.