Decentralized Apps Platform Crypti Splits: Lisk Fork Announced

Two days ago, two participants have left the team of cryptoplatform Crypti. They have already announced their intent to launch a fork dubbed Lisk. Namely, leaving the project were community manager Max Kordek and developer Olivier Beddows. The newly-formed Lisk intends to have Crypti ecosystem completely rebooted under a new brand. The project will be […]

UNICEF May Consider Investing in Blockchain Startups

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced a program to support technology startups. Under the program, the fund may invest in blockchain-related startups and initiatives.

Following The Partnership with Ripple SBI Holdings Invests in Kraken

Japanese venture capital firm SBI stated it would invest in bitcoin exchange Kraken, Reuters report. The deal is a part of Kraken‘s Series B investment round, and follows its recent merger with two North American bitcoin exchanges, Coinsetter and Carvitex. The terms of the investment, however, are kept undisclosed. Jesse Powell, CEO at Kraken stated: […]

JPMorgan Chase and Digital Asset Launch Experimental Blockchain Project

According to the Financial Times, America’s biggest bank in assets, JP Morgan Chase, partnered with New York-based startup Digital Asset Holdings launched an experimentap project to implement blockchain technology in banking, The Financial Times reports.

Antpool to Launch Beta Testing for Bitcoin Classic

The continuing block size debate has entered a new phase following the announcement by Antpool concerning its forthcoming test run of Bitcoin Classic, which is considered one of possible solutions to the problem. Jihan Wu, CEO at Antminer, tweeted: Antpool will start to test Classic soon. There is 7day long holidays ahead, so it's likely […]

Japan’s Biggest Bank Develops its Own Cryptocurrency, Media Reports

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Japan’s biggest bank, has its own virtual currency dubbed MUFG Coin under development. Also it has finalized its pilot app. The news come from a post on Reddit by user jonny1000 who provided translation of a brief piece from Japanese publication Asahi. The publication itself references to an unnamed source in […]

Ripple Partners with Japanese Financial Giant

Lately Ripple wasn’t performing as good as some other cryptocurrencies on the market. Ethereum even briefly replaced it on the 2nd position of market cap rating. People expected it to get flattened out by Ethereum any moment. They were eating popcorn watching the company’s native token XRP sinking. However, as it turns out, Ripple had […]

Updated BIP 102 Gets Some Community Support, Now it’s Miners’ Turn

Gavin Andresen posted a new block size-related BIP proposal on Guthub. Though officially the so-called “bip-bump2mb.mediawiki” is a variation on a theme commonly known as BIP 102, and implies a 2 MB block size increase, some community members believe it technically is an almost precise copy of Bitcoin Classic. The proposal’s consensus threshold is set […]

Major Ukrainian Freelance Labor Exchange Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Freelance labor exchange became Ukraine’s first platform to announce settlements between customers and contractors in Bitcoin.

Gemalto Partners with Symbiont to Bring Smart Contracts in Big Finance

Gemalto, a recognized world’s leader in digital security, announced its partnership with blockchain startup Symbiont, a leading company for implementation of the blockchain technology and distributed accountancy on capital markets. The partnership is set to bring safe execution of smart contracts and other blockchain-based kinds of transactions to financial services provides. Symbiont intends to employ […]

Belgium Wants to Confront Use of Bitcoin for Money Laundering

The government of Belgium has tasked the country’s tax authorities to investigate possible fraud and money-laundering schemes involving bitcoin.

Bank of England May Use Distributed Ledger Technology To Renew UK Payment System

Minouche Shafik, Deputy Governor, Markets & Banking Bank Of England, stated the bank considers using the distributed ledger technology in its new infrastructure.