Russian Developers Create a Platform for Management of Decentralized Autonomous Companies

Bitfork Develop developers have presented their new Ethereum-based project dubbed AIRA DAO. AIRA manages a decentralized autonomous company by adding agents, creating contracts and values, and, generally, automatizing business processes of a company.

Ukraine becomes CIS’s Bitcoin & Blockchain leader

Bitcoin and blockchain have recently become the most discussed issue in Ukrainan fintech sector. As government institutions gradually become loyal to cryptotechnologies, local community becomes more active, and more and more merchants at least consider accepting bitcoin, even if they have not started accepting it yet.

Russia’s First Blockchain Accelerator Opens in Moscow

This Wednesday was marked by the news on launch of Russia’s first blockchain accelerator, which also combines a fintech accelerator and a co-working space. The accelerator is a part of fintech accelerator FutureFintech. The accelerator’s founders haven’t pinned down the blockchain part’s name as yet, so everyone is welcome to offer their own version. The […]

ForkLog Issues Crypto-securities for Crowd-funding

ForkLog launches its own crypto-securities via NXT Asset Exchange with crowd-funding supported by The project issues 1,300,000 shares overall, of which 1,000,000 are subject to sales with initial cost of 1 NXT.

Cryptotechnology Beyond Prohibition: An Interview with Bitruble Project Managers

Earlier this September, Russias largest payment processor QIWI has announced its plans to launch its proprietary cryptocurrency dubbed bitruble.

Yandex May Integrate Bitcoin Insofar As It Is Regulated

The biggest Russian search engine Yandex, which acts as a local counterpart to Google within the CIS, and successfully outruns the worldwide giant across much of the former USSR, is interested in integration of bitcoin into its own payment system Yandex.Money in order to allow merchants deal with cryptocurrencies. This was announced at FinTech forum […]

Russian Central Bank takes a favorable view of Bitruble

As it became known to ForkLog, head of Russian Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina took a favorable view of QIWIs initiative to develop cryptocurrency called bitruble and cryptotechnology research in general.

Ukraine: Tickets for Any Show Now Available for Bitcoins

Now Ukrainian residents may pay for cinema, theater, and other tickets with Bitcoins. Cryptocurrency payments for those services became possible due to event aggregator and online store

Possible Criminal Sanction for Cryptocurrency

According to Interfax, last week Russian government held a meeting concerning draft law on responsibility for issuance of money surrogates and operations therewith.

Bitcoin Conquers Official Moscow

Special: Read in Russian Following the statement by the head of the Bank of Russia concerning establishment of a working party to study the block chain technology, Russian Bitcoin community gained a true hope for soon integration of cryptocurrency in the local economy.

BitFury’s Miner Lightbulb Shines at BIP001

Prototype of bitcoin-mining lightbulb BitLamp by BitFury was presented at Blockchain Incredible Party in Odessa (Ukraine).

BIP001 in Odessa – live stream

Read in Russian 18:50 This is the end. Full review later. 17:45 Next speaker is Matej Boda from DECENT about his Web 3.0 Fully Decentralised Independent Publishing Platform. Decent is independent decentralized web 3.0 platform for creative people, authors and many more. Decent is independent: nobody decides which content to publich. 17:20 Alexander Vasylchenko: There […]