Hackers Brought Down Coinbase

Yesterday, Coinbase’s website was brought down by a DDoS attack. Claiming the responsibilty for the attack are two hackers, L7Crew and An0CBR. Coinbase is among the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers. It renders services in 190 countries across the globe. However, apparently the attack has affected only the.

Yandex Technology Distribution Executive Praises the Blockchain Technology

Speaking at conference Feedback on December 23, Grigori Bakunov, technology distribution executive at Yandex, introduced several possible major technological trends for the forthcoming years. Among other things, they include the blockchain technology, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence. Explaining his views on smart objects and bitcoin, Bakunov said: “Thank.

Russian Business Daily Calls Russia to Embrace Cryptocurrency

Pavel Cherkashin, an angel investor and a partner at Vestor.In Partners, wrote an article for Russia’s most popular business newspaper Vedomosti. There he describes cryptocurrency in general and points out lots of its advantages as compared to the traditional banking system. Cherkashin stated that, according to expert opinions, at least.

The Country’s First BTM Installed in Kazakhstan

Kazakh entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast Kanat Amrenov hold ForkLog he had installed the first BTM in Kazakhstan. He also intends to launch local cryptocurrency exchange. Despite the fact that Kazakhstan is among ten largest countries in the world, it was not seen on the bitcoin world map until now. However,.

Putin Presented with a Roadmap for Blockchain Regulation

Russian Internet Development Institute (IDI) offered the president Vladimir Putin a roadmap regulating implementation of blockchain technology. Moreover, the roadmap includes proposals as to crowd-funding and crowd-investment, facilitate taxation of freelancers, and withdraw limitations on anonymous payments for tax and loan purposes.

MIT Researchers to Launch Beta of Encrypted Data Platform Enigma

A group of researchers and entrepreneurs from MIT Media Lab announced beta version of their encrypted daya platform Enigma will soon be released. The system has been in development since July 2015. It employs blockchain technology to maintait safe and secure sharing of sensitive data with third parties. The platform.