Cryptoinvestment Platform CyberFund Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign

This week Cyberfund, a platform for crypto-investment management, announced a crowdfunding campaign to sell 3% of their native tokens, CFUND. Successful crowdfunding will allow the team to keep developing the platform by improving existing investment tools and introducing new ones.

Ukraine Business Closes the Ranks around the Blockchain

A search in the house of one of Ukraine’s bitcoin community leaders, Mikhail Chobanian, triggered a series of events. Just two weeks afterwards, his lawyers managed to obtain a court ruling to remove an attachment of the seized property.

Moscow Blockchain Hackathon Winning Team Proves the Permacoin Algorithm

The team that developed infrastructure for modular blockchain systems dubbed Scorex and proved Permacoin algorithm won the blockchain hackathon in Moscow. The winning team consists of just two people, Alexander Chepurnoi, who developed NXT in 2014 and 2015, and currently develops Scorex, and M. Dmitri, who had recently found out.

Bitcoin Opponents Use the Paris Massacre to Defame Cryptocurrency

In the wake of the tragic events in Paris, some cryptocurrency-related sources started spreading information on allegedly existing proofs of terrorist funding via bitcoin. Thus, NewsBTC, with reference to an anonymous representative of Ghost Security Group (GSG), a self-proclained international group of counter-terrorist hackers, claims that the Islamic State has.

Voters in Ukraine Bribed with Bitcoin

According to a source in Ukrainian Cyberpolice, bitcoins converted into hryvnias (Ukrainian national currency) have been employed to bribe voters at local elections several weeks ago.

Ukrainian Bitcoin Jesus Searched by Law Enforcement

On the night of November 3, the premises of Mikhail Chobanyan, VP at Innovecs and founder of Kuna, were searched by anti-cybercrime department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the resolution of prosecutor’s office of Shevchenko district (Kyiv).