Cryptsy Admits Its Insolvency

Following the post in Cryptsy’s blog stating the exchange had been subject to a hack in July 2014, the controversies around the company has gained momentum. Loss of funds would result in inevitable bankruptcy for the company.

Head of Russian Investigative Committee Calls for Making Cryptocurrency Operations a Crime

Alexander Bastrykin, head of Russian Investigative Committee, promises to make cryptocurrency operations criminally punishable. He stated that in his interview to Russian government publication Rossiyskaya Gazeta, speaking about his agency’s combat with corruption, terrorism, cryptocurrency, and Ponzi schemes. “It is necessary to fight against varuous soap bubbles on financial market,.

Russian Ministry of Finance Prepares a New Revision of Anti-Cryptocurrency Draft Law

Russian Ministry of Finance has finalized its own draft law concerning the ban of so-called ‘money surrogates’. It intends to submit it to the government’s reviewing. The ministry proceeded with development of the draft law as eary as August 2014. However, the document received numerous criticisms and was revised several.

Ukraine’s PrivatBank continues its Bitcoin promotion efforts

Today Ukrainian largest private bank PrivatBank posted an interview about Bitcoin and blockchain with Nicolas Cary from on the main page of its online banking service Privat24. The bank also sent a newsletter to its customers inviting them to watch the interview.