Two Major Exchanges Experienced DDoS Attacks. Who’s next?

Shortly after DDoS attack on the major Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, BTCC, two other Bitcoin exchanges reported DDoS attacks on their sites within the last 24 hours. BTC-e Bitcoin exchange BTC-e has been offline for as long as four hours. According to the company’s tweets and official statements at the website,.

Bitcoin Price Grows Amid Stock Exchange Turmoil

Following the continuing unrest at global markets, especially China, the bitcoin exchange rate skyrocketed to $455 at the time of writing. Overnight volatility in China has caused the American stocks to open sharply lower. The Chinese capital outflow restrictions and continuing economic slowdown have been cited among the main reasons.

BTCC Resisted a Harsh DDoS Attack

One of the world’s biggest digital currency exchanges has reported to suffer a severe DDoS attack on New Year’s eve. The extortionists behind the attack demanded a ransom of 1 BTC to cease the DDoS attack. During the attack, the exchange tweeted: Our website is under DDoS attack, which is.

Cryptsy Halts Trading Operations and Withdrawals

Digital currency exchange Cryptsy, which has been known for continuing problems with withdrawal of funds, has stated it suspended the exchange’s trade engine on January 5, 2016. Lots of the company’s customers have complained the exchange fails to provide proper withdrawal of their assets, if it provides any. Technical issues.

A Brief History of Russian Internet Obscurantism in 2015

The year 2015 was marked as the year of expanding obscurantism and controversies around several internet-related issues in Russia. According to one of relatively new Russian laws, the state supervising agency Roskomnadzor has the right to restrict or prohibit access to any website at its own discretion and without any.

Visa: Blockchain is No Longer a Choice Anymore

The latest report released by Visa Europe discussing the current matters in the payments industry gave profound consideration to innovations in financial technologies, as well as blockchain-based solutions.