Story: How I used Bitcoins to Help an Imprisoned Friend

DISCLAIMER: This material was written by one of our readers. ForkLog disclaims all and any responsibility related to any events or anything described therein by the writer. Following the writer’s request, we do not disclose their personal data in the site’s materials. Recently I faced an uncommon problem of helping a friend imprisoned for possession […]

Elephant Announces Launch of Its Ethereum-based Financial Platform

Elephant has announced official launching of its elcoin network. As of today, exchange services commence their operations, and users may redeem pre-mines directly from their wallets. Also, an Android app is available. According to the project managers, release of an iOS app is expected next week.

The Internet of Things is on the March

According to a newly issued report by the International Data Corporation, overall spending on the IoT-related products is expected to nearly double by the year 2019 to comprise almost $1.3 trillion, as compared to current $700 billion. Leading the trend is the Asia-Pacific region, which hosts more than forty percent of overall spending related to […]

Atlantis is Back and it is Using Bitcoin

According to a Facebook entry by the prime minister of self-proclaimed micronation Atlantis, Joby Weeks, the country has officially made Bitcoin its currency.

PrivatBank Becomes the First Ukrainian Bank to Integrate Bitcoin

Ukraine’s biggest private bank PrivatBank launched a service for cryptocurrency payments. The first company to integrate this new service is online store Allo.

Ethereum-based Platform Develops a Smart Contract System for Drones

AIRA developers announced their projects for drone controlling with smart contracts in Ethereum network. The system allows a human to hire a drone for a job. The robot would act as an autonomous agent executing the contract on its own accord, and would receive payments for the rendered services.

ChangeTip has blocked account of ForkLog Magazine due to US sanctions against Russia

A few days ago we have noticed some issues in service functioning as it became impossible to send tips via site button. Shortly after that, when we tried to log in into our ChangeTip account, we got the message that our account has been suspended. Then we contacted ChangeTip’s helpdesk and their answer was that […]

The National Bank of Ukraine Concedes Integration of Bitcoin

According to Natalia Lapko, the head of payment systems department of the National Bank of Ukraine, the regulator concedes the possibility of integrating Bitcoin in Ukraine’s financial system. She told the bank is not going to “be in arrears of the global innovations” and has its eye on development of crypctocurrency markets both globally and […]

Ukrainian Bitcoin Agency KUNA Notifies Regulators of Upcoming Launch of a Bitcoin Exchange

KUNA Agency submitted a notification as to forthcoming launch of Ukraine’s first bitcoin exchange to the National Bank of Ukraine and to the head of the committee on securities and stock market of Ukrain, Timur Khromariov.

SWIFT Announces Possible Implementation of the Blockchain in Its Correspondent Banking Services

SWIFT, the international communications platform for international banking, announced a possible “roadmap” that might include the blockchain technology. As for now, they speak of improving the correspondent banking area. According to the statement, the organization expects the amendments to become effective as of early 2016.

Russia’s Biggest Bank Considers Implementation of the Blockchain Technology

Sberbank, Russia’s biggest state-owned bank, is planning to join R3 in order to develop its services with the blockchain technology. This was announced by the bank’s deputy chairman, Leo Khasis, in an interview to Kommersant.

Eugene Kaspersky: Cryptocurrency is a Most Brilliant Invention

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the Kaspersky Labs, called cryptocurrency the mankind’s most brilliant invention, however, he opted to stress that in geopolitical terms the world community is not ready to use it as yet.