Estonia Seeks Cryptocurrency Clarification

The Supreme Court of Estonia has made a request addressed to local central bank, two government departments, the Bank of Estonia, and the country’s financial regulator, to clarify their views on legal stance of digital currencies in regard to AML policies and general essence of cryptocurrency and the underpinning technology.

Barbados is Recommended to Use Crypto Money as Reserve Currency

Former employees of the Central Bank of Barbados have issued a paper titled ‘Should Cryptocurrencies Be Included In The Portfolio Of International Reserves Held By The Central Bank Of Barbados?’ where they suggest that the island’s regulator should consider using cryptocurrency as its foreign reserve. However, according to the authors,.

Russia is to Ban Twitter

The court of the Chechnia, Russia, considered Charlie Hebdo’s account in Twitter the one that violates religious feelings of believers, and thus ruled to ban the social network in Russia.

Cryptsy is in Trouble Again

One of the biggest altcoin exchanges Cryptsy went offline for almost 12 straight hours today. The outage followied multiple reports related to withdrawal problems. First delays in cryptocurrency withdrawal began last week, while on November 22 Cryptsy’s official Twitter announced there were problems with wallets, and that withdrawal / deposit.