Russian Central Bank: We Realize Benefits and Risks of Bitcoin

Elvira Nabiullina, chairman of the Central Bank of Russia, declared the bank sees the way Bitcoin market develops, and notices particular risks involved.

National Bank of Ukraine is ready to work on Bitcoin legalisation

On June 11th, the extended meeting of the Ukrainian National Banks’ public council committee on natural person payments examined Project for Bitcoin development in Ukraine presented by Mikhail Chobanian, Kuna Bitcoin Agency founder, and co-founder and co-executive of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine.

Odessa To Host International Bitcoin Conference Blockchain Incredible Party

This summer, Odessa, one of Europe’s major tourist attractions, will leave its mark on the world’s bitcoin map.

Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine Joined Ukrainian Interbank Association EMA

Special Read in Russian Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine joined Ukrainian interbank association EMA and is going to introduce Ukrainan BitLicense project at a Ukrainian National Bank meeting.

What Else Would Russia Do to Cryptocurrency Community?

As recently as a week ago Sverdlovsk Oblast court discharged the order to ban several sites on cryptocurrency, thus encouraging local bitcoiners to celebrate this small yet important victory.

Roskomnadzor Blocks RosKomSvoboda’s Site; Crowdfunding Announced

Special Read in Russian Following yesterday’s blocking of Bitnovosti, Roskomnadzor continues industriously censoring the internet. Today it was announced that public association RosKomSvoboda’s (acronym standing for Russian Committee for Freedom) website was blocked under the order of Anapa town court.

Russia Blocks Bitcoin Sites Again

Yet another Russian Bitcoin internet resource was blocked a few hours ago. has fallen another victim to Roskomnadzor. According to social media posts, the resource is unavailable in Russia.

Bitfinex Spokesperson: All Stolen User Funds Will Be Reimbursed

After the hacker spree that marked this year’s beginning cyber criminals seemed to go on vacation.

The Tale of Bitcoin Community and Big Bad Roskomnadzor

Special Read in Russian January 13th of 2015 has every right to bear the name of ‘black Tuesday’ in all history books of Bitcoin industry. That day, Bitcoin price dropped to $218, and comprised $166.45 the very next day. Russian Bitcoin community, however, suffered more than just Bitcoin price falling. Notorious Roskomnadzor blocked access to […]

Russian Court Discharges Blocking of Bitcoin-related Sites by Roskomnadzor

Sverdlovsk Oblast Court dischcharged the Nevyansk Town Court order of blocking sites containing cryptocurrency-related information and consideration of such information as banned within the Russian Federation, reports. 

Survey: 80% of Russians Heard Nothing of Bitcoin Whatsoever

Special Read in Russian According to the survey held by Center for Contemporary Research ProResearch in association with National Agency for Financial Researching (NAFR) in April 2015, most Russians never heard a thing about Bitcoin.

Lifetime Banner Sales Launched: Put Yourself on Bitcoin Record with ForkLog

Special Read in Russian ForkLog announces sales of commercial areas in lifetime format on “Highway to the Moon” web page. The banner area also acts as 404 page. The offer is a part of a development & support campaign for the project.