Former White House Official Joins Bitfury

Jamie Smith who had previously worked at the White House as the president’s special assistant has taken the position of Bitfury’s head of global communications department.

Purse Announces a Secret Project

Bitcoin startup Purse announced a mysterious thing they called a “secret bitcoin project” named Tritium, which seems to be released in near future. No details regarding the project were available from the startup itself and its investors. The only information known in this respect is that the project is set.

Australian Bank Embraces the Blockchain

A working group from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which has launched an innovation lab, has announced a test run of an internal blockchain to demonstrate its practical value and capabilities to broad public, including its customers, employees, and, most importantly, the representatives of local regulators.

Major Ukrainian Bank to Work with Bitcoin

One of Ukraine’s biggest banks, PrivatBank, announced finalization of testing period for a service providing merchants with an option of accepting bitcoins for their goods. The service is quite usual for the crypto-space, as it transacts hryvnias (Ukrainaian national currency) to the merchant’s account in case of local acquiring, or.

Goldman Sachs Calls for Recognizing Prospects of the Blockchain Technology

The international bank Goldman Sachs issued a note to its clients listing seven prospects, or, as the authors put it, “themes, dreams, and flying machines”. Those prospects are the most promising new trends and tendencies that the bank recommends its investors to carefully heed. And the first on the list.