The Great Vaults of China: What’s Inside For Bitcoin Ecosystem?

It’s not a secret that China is bitcoin world’s leader in many regards. Since the major cryptocurrency glut in 2013, Chinese companies started getting increasingly involved in virtual money, including mining and various financial services. Currently there are about 20 major companies involved in cryptocurrency operations, with about 800,000 customer.

Ukraine vs. UK: European Blockchain Leadership in East and West

While in days gone by the UK and Ukraine had nothing in common but a couple of letters in their names, nowadays the situation has drastically changed. Both countries are beyond any doubt Europe’s most prominent countries in terms of integrating innovative financial technologies in their economies. However, while Great.

BitcoinPenguin: More Gamblers Jump to Bitcoin Every Day

While casino business is a well-established industry, yet nowadays many governments restrict their citizens’ right to gamble and impose harsh regulations on casinos and all kinds of betting. Some countries even prohibit gambling completely. As the internet was expanding, the online casinos started to rise. However, the traditional online gambling.

CoinoIndex – Dow Jones for cryptocurrencies

For the past number of years cryptocurrencies have come and gone. Thousands of cryptocurrencies, commonly referred to as alternate currencies or simply “alt coins” have been created, and many have already perished into the deep hole of crypto scams, abandoned projects and forgotten dreams and ambitions. After the dust settled.

DECENT Is Going to Change the Media with Blockchain

Content, its monetization, and protection from unauthorized copying, provided it’s important for the author, are quite important issues faced both by individual creative people and major media groups.

How could blockchain be a gameboard

Bitcoin based games are hardly any news in our day. A big portion of these games are just online casinos that use cryptocurrencies as their underlying payment method. Others are MMORPG typed games which based their internal economics on Bitcoin. Last but not least, there’s a plethora of classical skill.