Ledger Nano S Multi-Currency Hardware Wallet Review

ForkLog editorial team got hands on with Ledger Nano S, the only known so far HD-wallet compatible with both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin in Venezuela: Troubled Past and Cloudy Future

Bitcoin popularity is gaining steam in Venezuela. More and more of the country’s inhabitants see it as an alternative for Bolivar, the Venezuelan currency losings its value at the speed of an express train. Cryptocurrency’s popularity amongst locals is confirmed by record-breaking trade volumes at local exchanges.

Bitfury to Ukraine, ETC Independence and Russian Mercy. Cryptospace News, August 8 – 14

The return of Bitfinex and the never-ending story of Ethereum Classic have become the main news of the week. Also featuring in ForkLog’s weekly overview are new initiatives in blockchain realm, and other cryptocurrency-related news.

The Dark Side of ETC: Where Did the Coins Go?

The community is discussing the possibility that three popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Exmo, Livecoin and BTC-e, have pocketed customer ETC coins.

Farming Business in a Russian Village Transferred onto Blockchain

A farming business located in a small village Kolionovo outside of Moscow has integrated its activities onto blockchain.

Russian Ambitions, Ethereum Classic Ascending, and The Dark Side of Bitcoin. Cryptospace News, July 25 – 31

Bitcoin price going down once again, Ethereum Classic media bomb exploding, GreenAddress purchased by BlockStream, yet another news from Coinbase, and somewhat optimistic statements heard from Russia’s technological market – all in ForkLog’s weekly overview.

Tinderbox: Ethereum Classic, Insider Trading, and Social Justice

The drama around Ethereum hard fork originating from the attack on The DAO is still ongoing. Some miners, supported by some community members, refused to support the hard fork and carried on working in the old system. Thus, Ethereum Classic advented.

Ethereum Classic, Blockchain Investments and Charlie Shrem Freed. Cryptospace News, July 17 – 24

Ethereum hard fork and advent of Ethereum Classic, the ecosystem of bitcoin and altcoins, state regulation and private business’s interest towards blockchain technology, as well as a few stories from the dark side – all in ForkLog’s traditional weekly overview.

The Brief History of Bitcoin Mining: How It All Started

The week after bitcoin mining reward halving, ForkLog decided to compile a short overview on the history of mining methods.

Old Bitcoiner Had a Farm: Ten Amazing Mining Facilities

Cryptocurrency mining has become not only a multi-billion business, but also an area for artistic self-expression. Considering the fierce competition on the market, miners have to come up with unusual solutions. In this feature, ForkLog covers some of the most breathtaking projects in bitcoin mining industry.

Six Most Popular Ethereum Wallets

While until recently Ethereum users could lament that their ecosystem lacked simple and convenient wallets, now the selection has definitely expanded. Still, the more the choice is, the harder it is to find what suits you best. ForkLog has compiled an overview for six most popular Ethereum wallets.

70% of Transactions, or How China Raises Its Bitcoin Influence

Chinese economy’s perspectives and potential are among the most favorite subjects of discussions for economists and political experts. China’s evident domination in some economy sectors sometimes even worries the international community. China’s influence is also present in bitcoin industry, and therein, it’s way higher than in traditional economy. Chinese investors’ involvement in cryptocurrency is significant […]