Elections in Ukraine May Run on Ethereum’s Blockchain

KYIV, UKRAINE, 02.11.2016 – Memorandum concerning creation of E-vox, Ethereum-based electronic election system, was signed. The system in question will be used for holding election at any level, varying from municipal councils to the national parliament. Presently, the system is an Ethereum-based smart contract prototype taking into account Ukrainian political peculiarities. The prototype was developed […]

Linux’s Hyperledger Project Announces New Members

The Linux Foundation has announced new members of the working group for creation of an open source blockchain. The project, dubbed Hyperledger, was launched in late 2015, and currently incorporates over 30 institutions. According to the press release, the project was joined by numerous well-known companies from both technical and financial industries, including ABN AMRO, […]

Malwarebytes Releases Anti-Ransomware Protection Kit

Malwarebytes, a well-known antivirus developer, has announced it releases a beta version of what it calls “the first ever anti-ransomware protection kit”.

DECENT Finalizes its Decentralized Content Distribution Platform

Europe-based blockchain startup DECENT announced it had finalized the prototype version of eponymous blockchain-based distribution platform. The startup’s offering is presented as a platform capable of disrupting current content distribution mechanisms.

Nobody Expects the Bitcoin Appliances

Blockchain technology is nowadays widely recognized in the corporate world as means of substantial improvement of various transaction mechanisms. Banks form consortiums to research it, while Tunisia directly integrates blockchain into its government-backed e-currency, even Russians want some blockchain. However, some rather peculiar appliances and techniques go more or less beyond traditional applications inherent in […]

Blockchain and the Human Resources Problem

The advent of blockchain is considered by some to be among the greatest breakthroughs in the e-banking realm. Those “some” include, for instance, experts from the Financial Times, or even officials from major banks. However, there is a significant downside to it all, as the technology may eventually deprive thousands of people from their jobs. […]

Trezor: A Safe Way of Storing Bitcoins

This review covers hardware bitcoin wallet Trezor. Currently, there are three companies manufacturing bitcoin storage appliances: Case, Ledger (we have already reviewed their wallet Ledger Nano), and Trezor.

A Smart House Requires Relevant Contracts

In the year of 2015 one would hardly be surprised to hear “smart house”. Almost everyone knows that it refers to some electronic components incorporated in the infrastructure of an appartment, a house, or an office. They are to make our lives more cost effective, eco-friendly, convenient, and safe.

The Way IoT and Blockchain Change the World

The Internet of things has long ago ceased being a mere concept; nowadays, it is an interesting and promising technological trend that gradually comes to life. The IoT concept was introduced for the first time in 1999, and it took roughly 10 years to commence implementation thereof. We are not going to provide a technical […]

Microsoft Integrates Ethereum in Azure. Is IBM Next?

Ethereum went up in price following the news stating that Microsoft had presented developer toolkit for creation of Ethereum-based apps. At the moment of writing, 1 ETH costs $1.2.

Comparison between Proof of Work & Proof of Stake

Everyone who has looked at Bitcoin close enough probably understands that it’s a revolutionary achievement created by a legendary, forward thinking individual or group. Superficially, the revolutionary technology built within it has the ability to send money without any central authority, so you don’t need someone to issue your cash, it just exists – somewhat […]

Smart Contract App’s philosophy

Recently we mentioned the things that hinder smart contracts from becoming our daily routine. Certainly, no smart contract can exist outside of its environment, where it can be created, verified, and performed. Certainly, Ethereum is a basic component thereof; however, a comprehensive environment shall include an interface for user interaction.