Corrupted Secret Service Agent for Silk Road Case Attempted to Flee from the U.S.

Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Service agent previously sentenced to six years in jail for stealing bitcoins from a Silk Road dealer, has allegedly attempted to flee from the United States to avoid serving the term.

The New Hampshire’s ‘Bitcoin Tax’ Bill Voted Down

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted down the bill HR522 which had implied that the state could collect taxes and fees in bitcoins.

Belgium Intends to Confront Money Laundering with Bitcoin

The government of Belgium has tasked the country’s tax authorities to investigate possible fraud and money-laundering schemes involving bitcoin. According to local publication De Morgen, the authorities are especially interested in retail stores accepting cryptocurrency. “The tax department is considering the bitcoin. There will be a battle plan to combat fraud,” reads the publication. There […]

Bank of England May Use Distributed Ledger Technology To Renew UK Payment System

Minouche Shafik, Deputy Governor, Markets & Banking Bank Of England, stated the bank considers using the distributed ledger technology in its new infrastructure. Speaking at the Bank of England on Wednesday, she said that legacy payment and settlement systems have “changed dramatically”. Indeed, when it comes to settlement, the current solutions cannot face the growing […]

The EU Intends to Monitor Virtual Currencies Rather than to Regulate Them

According to Reuters, the EU intends to continue monitoring virtual currencies rather than regulating them right away. The intent is said to be justified by little knowledge of virtual money’s regulatory risks deemed inherent, like being prone to money-laundering. The other reason is that cryptocurrency market in general is incomparably smaller than that of fiat […]

Tunisia to Transfer its National Currency onto Blockchain

Tunisia will become the world’s first country to operate its national currency via blockchain. The blockchain in question, however, is an advanced version of the bitcoin’s one developed by Monetas. With population of about 11 million, Tunisia has more than 3 million people unbanked. However, 600,000 of them using eDinar, a digital version of the […]

Nigerian Financial Restrictions May Inure Bitcoin

In accordance with an order by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the country’s citizens will not be able to use their plastic cards abroad. The prohibition will become effective as of January 1, 2016. It covers not only regular card transactions, but also purchasing any goods or services from foreign retailers on the internet. The […]

A Kyrgyz News Agency Offers Bitcoin Wages

Kyrgyzstan’s subdivision of international news agency Sputnik is willing to join the bitcoin community and pay bitcoin wages to its employees. Recently the agency published a long form piece describing advantages of bitcoin transactions over those traditional in detail. This is a burning issue for Kyrgyzstan citizens as many of them have to work abroad […]

Atlantis is Back and it is Using Bitcoin

According to a Facebook entry by the prime minister of self-proclaimed micronation Atlantis, Joby Weeks, the country has officially made Bitcoin its currency. The country formerly known as Pontinha, is a small island off the Portuguese coast occupying 178 square meters of area. According to the country’s self-proclaimed leader “Prince” Renato Barros, 56, who earlier […]

Estonia Makes a Blockchain Breakthrough in Cooperation with Bitnation

Bitnation, which calls itself ‘the world’s first Blockchain powered virtual nation’, announced on its site that as of December 1, 2015 it will launch a program offering notary services to its online residents. The program is supported by the Estonian e-Residency program. The posting states that the program will provide almost complete set of […]

Buying Bitcoin in CIS Countries Becomes Available Via Common Money Transfer Services

Regardless of Russian authorities’ cryptocurrency stand-off and generally slow Bitcoin integration in all countries of former USSR, many local companies carry on operating and developing in the industry. Thus, Bitcoin is now available for exchanging in 130 countries around the globe including former Soviet republics via popular instant money transfer services. This was announced in […]

Lukoil Gas Stations in Baltic States Now Accept Bitcoin

Special Read in Russian According to a blog post by SpectroCoin, Lukoil’s gas stations in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia now accept Bitcoin. Apart from Lukoil network, one may use bitcoins at a Lithuanian cab service, 12 restaurants (one of which being in Spain, and the other one in Poland), and four online stores.