You Can Now Buy Fruits and Vegetables with Bitcoin in Kyiv

Famous Bessarabian market in the heart of Ukraine’s capital, the city of Kyiv, is now offering an option of purchasing fruits and vegetables with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using decentralized payment protocol Paytomat.

Brian Armstrong Coinbase Bitcoin True Mass Adoption Will Take Time Says Coinbase CEO

Even though usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is steadily increasing each year, Brian Armstrong, the CEO of San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, believes that it will take some time before they will reach true mass adoption for payments, at least in the United States.

Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency: A Brief Guide to the Future Part I

Using blockchain technology apart from its original application, cryptocurrency, isn’t news any longer. Numerous projects around the globe come up with new ideas as to how distributed ledger technology may be applicable beyond just transacting values.

New Head of Russian Blockchain Community Reveals its Plans

June 6, the position of Blockchain.community’s board chairman, previously occupied by Alex Fork, was taken by Artem Tolkachev, the managing partner at law firm Tolkachev & Partners and expert in legal regulation of cryptotechnologies. ForkLog talked with the newly elected chairman to find out more about the organization’s plans and objectives. FL:  What do you […]

KUNA Bitcoin Agency Abandons Ukraine’s Bitcoin Legalization Draft Law

Founder of KUNA Agency and eponymous cryptocurrency exchange Mike Chobanyan abandoned his plans to introduce a draft law on cryptocurrency regulation to the Ukrainian Parliament. “Crypto is totally legal. You can use it by all means. As for legal entities, there’s not much sense in doing anything for them. Even if we pass the most […]

BitHope Founder: Charity May Improve General Public’s Opinion About Cryptocurrencies

Bulgaria-based platform BitHope.org for bitcoin charity was launched recently, and it has finalized its first successful project already. On March 11, the site has accumulated 0.6 BTC of user donations to buy footwear for orphans. While some may think the amount is pretty small, it’s starting to hit the fan. Bitcoin is doing good things […]

Russian Payments System Started Accepting Bitcoins

Russia-based payments system OOOPay has added an option of accepting and withdrawing Bitcoin for users. Sergei Kravtsov, executive director of the company, says Bitcoin withdrawal is presently available via mass payments. A user may personally set up the option in the personal account. The withdrawal is also available by means of currency exchange. “Blockchain technology […]

Ukrainian Company Uses Bitcoin for its Charter Capital

Ukrainian legal firm Axon Partners focused on work with IT industry used Bitcoin to form its charter capital. The company was founded when IT and media partner at Juscutum, Dmitri Gadomski, abandoned the company to start his own business. Axon Partners became the country’s first company to form its charter capital completely in Bitcoin. Juscutum […]

Reports: Cryptotechnologies Garner Record-Breaking Acceptance and Investment

Contrary to numerous predictions and announcements of bitcoin and related technologies being bleeding demised, recent reports depict a picture of increasing and, at times, overwhelming interest and support from financial industry.

EuroTrip: Bitcoin Tour Film Shooting to Begin in Russia

A filming group from Russia is heading for a eurotrip on a condition of spending bitcoins only during the journey.

Ukrainian Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Give Bitcoins Away to Cafe and Store Customers

A campaign aimed at popularization of cryptocurrencies kicked off in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, on February 10.

Rumor: Steam is to Integrate Bitcoin Payments Soon

According to a leak from the Steam Translation Server posted on the Steam subreddit, the platform intends to introduce purchasing for Bitcoin. As for now, Steam works only with credit cards, its own pre-paid gift cards, and PayPal.