Russia starts trial for Bitcoin sites blocking

Special Read in Russian The first session of Sverdlovsk Oblast court scrutinizing an appeal petition to consider cryptocurrency websites ban under order by Nevyansk town court illicit started today.

Bitcoin will become national currency in the new state of Liberland

Read in Russian In between Serbia and Croatia, on an area of about 6, a brand new country named Free Republic of Liberland (Svobodn republika Liberland) has emerged. The new state will adopt Bitcoin, or another Bitcoin-based currency, as its national currency. Official motto of the new state formation.

Another cryptocurrency eulogy – part 2

SPECIAL: Read in Russian! Part 1 read here. Meanwhile in the State Duma It’s time to go down to earth, i.e. In Russia. According to local authorities, cryptocurrency is a hardly understandable and probably dangerous phenomenon, so it’s easier to ban it rather than break their heads over what to.

Russia loses its future by banning Bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency eulogy

SPECIAL: Read in Russian! ForkLog has always been closely monitoring the events related to banning of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Russia. According to one of our authors, Russian authorities’ refusal to embrace Bitcoin is somehow equivalent to the lost opportunity of creating Internet in the USSR. But now we.