Bobby Lee: Blockchain Only Suitable for Crypto, Not Real World Activities

Bobby Lee, co-founder and former CEO of the oldest Chinese bitcoin exchange BTCC, was one of the keynote speakers at BlockShow Europe 2018 in Berlin in the end of May. As he already did it on previous occasions in the past, Bobby Lee was expressing his exceptionally critical views on today’s financial system and the […]

The Game of Crypto-Thrones: Centralization

If a child from a crypto-maximalist family behaves like a moron, parents probably tell him or her that there’s a centralization hiding under the bed. If they have a farm, there’s a dummy centralization scaring crows away. Maybe they even call people they don’t like that name. All in all, that’s the thing bitcoiners wish […]

Will the Bitcoin Consensus Roundtable Put a Lid on Bitcoin Classic?

After the last week’s bitcoin roundtable, where some of the most prominent figures of the industry have gathered to discuss possible solutions to the drawn out block size dispute, some thought the resulting letter was making an offer the developers wouldn’t refuse. As a reminder, last week, representatives for several mining pools collectively holding at […]

The Great Vaults of China: What’s Inside For Bitcoin Ecosystem?

It’s not a secret that China is bitcoin world’s leader in many regards. Since the major cryptocurrency glut in 2013, Chinese companies started getting increasingly involved in virtual money, including mining and various financial services. Currently there are about 20 major companies involved in cryptocurrency operations, with about 800,000 customer base, not to mention smaller […]

Two Major Exchanges Experienced DDoS Attacks. Who’s next?

Shortly after DDoS attack on the major Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, BTCC, two other Bitcoin exchanges reported DDoS attacks on their sites within the last 24 hours. BTC-e Bitcoin exchange BTC-e has been offline for as long as four hours. According to the company’s tweets and official statements at the website, the exchange was subject to […]

BTCC Controversy: 100 Full Nodes Donated by the Exchange Appear to be Running on Amazon Web Services

Recently BTCC has launched 100 full nodes across five continents in order to maintain decentralized arrangement of the bitcoin system. Back then, the company explained this move by its wish to keep bitcoin away from any centralization. Samson Mow, COO at BTCC, stated that the company has launched the nodes in order to help the […]

BTCC Resisted a Harsh DDoS Attack

One of the world’s biggest digital currency exchanges has reported to suffer a severe DDoS attack on New Year’s eve. The extortionists behind the attack demanded a ransom of 1 BTC to cease the DDoS attack. During the attack, the exchange tweeted: Our website is under DDoS attack, which is hampering access to our APIs […]