How Blockchain May Finish Off Big Corporations

Old-fashioned corporations and traditional business schemes continuously give ground these days. As the world gradually submerges in the ocean of postmodernist paradigm, the very essence of successful businesses is changing, with a term ‘Uber moment’ used to refer to those changes. Indeed, the same Uber is a cab company that.

Russian Business Daily Calls Russia to Embrace Cryptocurrency

Pavel Cherkashin, an angel investor and a partner at Vestor.In Partners, wrote an article for Russia’s most popular business newspaper Vedomosti. There he describes cryptocurrency in general and points out lots of its advantages as compared to the traditional banking system. Cherkashin stated that, according to expert opinions, at least.

BitPesa Remains Discontinued from M-Pesa

According to the recent ruling by the Kenyan High Court, local operator Safaricom servicing M-Pesa will not have to provide access to bitcoin startup BitPesa. Though the case is far from being dismissed, the current ruling would prolong the service’s inability to operate as is. Last month, the mobile payments.

How to Implement Smart Contracts: Business Philosophy

After the advent of cryptocurrencies specialists in business automation engaged in discussions on smart contracts as they deemed them the method to eliminate third parties and reduce operational costs for businesses. It is hardly surprising, because, in fact, a cryptocurrency transaction is particular case of a smart contract recorded in.

Crypto Future for Business Development

Special Read in Russian Professional communities discuss ways to implement decentralized technologies apart from finances. Opportunities and prospects of technologies underlying Bitcoin are still beyond fulfillment. One of the most promising ways of using the technology is implementing it within business processes of an enterprise both to optimize accounting, and.