Court Orders Telegram Messenger App to be Blocked in Russia

Moscow court ordered Telegram messenger app to be blocked in Russia after failing to give the country’s Secret Service (FSB) decryption keys to access users’ messages. Telegram argues this would violate users’ privacy and that the codes constantly change.

Roskomsvoboda to Challenge Bitcoin Sites Ban

The Center for Protection of Digital Rights has proceeded with and cases. The Center’s lawyers have filed appeals at the Leningrad Oblast Court challenging the rulings that violate substantive and procedural laws. The sites in questions had been banned in Russia this September., the hosting provider for.

Russian Officials Attempt to Pin Down What to Do with Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency-related news from Russia are plentiful this week following a meeting of the parliament lower chamber’s working group on digital currencies. Governmental stance towards cryptocurrencies is apparently yet to be finally determined, as there have been numerous reiterations as to future of virtual money in the world’s largest country. The.

Blockchain-based Permacoin System May Replace Torrents

Permacoin as a cryptocurrency has long been a mere concept in a white paper. It might be considered a ‘useful’ cryptocurrency, as mining capacities in Permacoin network are utilized not only in issuance of new coins, but in data storage. Initially, the permacoin concept was conceived by five specialists from.

Russia is to Ban Twitter

The court of the Chechnia, Russia, considered Charlie Hebdo’s account in Twitter the one that violates religious feelings of believers, and thus ruled to ban the social network in Russia.