Coinbase Announces Ethereum Support and Rebranding

One of the world’s leading bitcoin exchanges and wallet providers Coinbase has announced it intends to add Ethereum to its list of services. Additionally, the exchange intends to undergo rebranding, resulting in a new name and logo.

Mining Pools Force Consensus on Bitcoin Scaling

Mining pools collectively holding at least 70% of the whole bitcoin network’s hash power sided with two large bitcoin exchanges in a so-called “call for consensus”. The call in question was compiled following the roundtable where the attendees agreed not to support Bitcoin Classic or any other hard-fork they call.

The Block Size Debate Forks the Community

The infamous block size debate has launched a tidal wave of concerns and controversies. While major players express their support for various BIP’s, and no consensus about the matter is on the table as yet, the community rages about unprecedented censorship occurences related to the matter. has recently removed.

Hackers Brought Down Coinbase

Yesterday, Coinbase’s website was brought down by a DDoS attack. Claiming the responsibilty for the attack are two hackers, L7Crew and An0CBR. Coinbase is among the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers. It renders services in 190 countries across the globe. However, apparently the attack has affected only the.