DECENT Unveils 2018 Roadmap, Partners with Dragonfly to Revolutionize Payment Processing In Gaming Industry

Blockchain technology platform DECENT released their roadmap for 2018. Additionally, the Switzerland-based startup in partnership with Dragonfly, a distribution platform for games, announced the launch of ALAX, a project that will use blockchain to improve the speed and efficiency of app sales.

DECENT and Dragonfly Join Forces to Bring Blockchain to Over 100 Million Gamers

Chinese gaming giant Dragonfly and DECENT have come together to bring blockchain to the gaming industry. Together, they are set to tackle some common challenges by creating an innovative digital marketplace solution.

DECENT Launches Beta Release of DECENT GO

DECENT has announced the beta launch of its DECENT GO marketplace, the first decentralized digital marketplace. DECENT had previously launched their desktop application for DECENT GO at the end of June and are now thrilled with the addition of marketplace functionality.

DECENT Content Distribution Platform Announces Official Launch Date

Blockchain content distribution platform DECENT has announced that it will launch on mainnet on Friday, June 30, 2017.

As DECENT Network Nears Launch Project’s CEO Talks About Major Milestones and Challenges

According to the DECENT Network team, the long-awaiting launch of the project is just around the corner, and prior to this preview of the web-based DECENT GO application and its main features has been released.

DECENT Crowdsale Nears The Finishing Line

DECENT Software Sale, the decentralized content distribution platform’s ICO, has entered its last few days, and this means this week represents the last chance to join the digital revolution and build the true media of the future.

Naughty America and DECENT To Create Next Generation Video Content Distribution Platform

Swiss Blockchain Company DECENT and Naughty America, one of the major adult content production companies in the USA, agreed to work on a pilot project that will implement progressive Digital Rights Management (DRM) by utilizing the most recent advancements in Blockchain Technology, Digital Video Fingerprinting and Cryptography.

DECENT Creators Say It’s All About Decentralized Trust

The much-anticipated DECENT Software Sale has raised over 5200 BTC so far, and with recent major partnerships and new developments the future of the Digital Revolution looks quite promising.

DECENT Software Sale Raises $2.5m After First 24 Hours

The DECENT ICO started on Sunday, September 11, and already demonstrated some stunning results having gathered over 4000 BTC in the first 24 hours.

DECENT Makes Code Available on GitHub, Partners with Freewallet

With the decentralized DECENT Software Sale approaching fast, the team behind the project has announced the Network’s code is partially open to the public now.

DECENT Software Sale Major Update Announced

With just a couple of weeks left to go until the DECENT Software Sale starts, DECENT Content Distribution Platform announced its decision to adjust token distribution and the overall amount of tokens to be issued.

Founder of DECENT Content Distribution Network: The Digital Revolution is About to Begin

Earlier this year Swiss blockchain startup DECENT released a prototype of its upcoming content distribution platform. Seeking to empower the platform’s further development, the project has recently announced the crowdsale of its DCT tokens to start on September 10.