Bank of Russia Concedes Creating Digital National Currency

Speaking at the conference titled “Blockchain and Open Platforms” held by, Olga Skorobogatova, deputy chairwoman of the Bank of Russia, told about possible development of digital national currencies and banking industry’s interest to distributed ledgers.

A Centralized Version of Bitcoin Developed for the Bank of England

Researchers from the University College of London have developed a digital currency system resembling Bitcoin on the request from the Bank of England, the country’s central bank. Dubbed RSCoin, the system is based on distributed ledger technology and allows for fast and convenient transfer of digital values. However, as opposed.

People’s Bank of China Intends to Create a Digital Currency

Speaking at digital currency seminar in Beijing, representatives for People’s Bank of China stated the banks had plans for creating its own digital currency. The spokespersons for the Chinese regulator said they would attempt to launch their own digital currency project “as soon as possible”. According to the official report.