DECENT Software Sale Major Update Announced

With just a couple of weeks left to go until the DECENT Software Sale starts, DECENT Content Distribution Platform announced its decision to adjust token distribution and the overall amount of tokens to be issued.

DECENT Content Distribution Network to Launch ICO

DECENT Network, the decentralized content distribution solution platform, has announced the crowdsale of its Decent (DCT) tokens. The DECENT Software Sale is aimed at creating a secure and independent publishing network powered by the blockchain technology.

Waves Raise Nearly $16 Million in a Crowdsale

Blockchain platform Waves has finalized its pre-sale of tokens, having raised 29,445 BTC over the course of the crowdsale. At current exchange rate, this amount equals to $15,754,793.

Mycelium Wallet Team to Sell 5% of the Company in ICO

Developers of bitcoin wallet Mycelium have announced their first crowdsale to distribute 5% of the company’s value among users and bitcoin developers. Mycelium CEO Alexander Kuzmin stated: “We want Mycelium users to be Mycelium stakeholders. There are three reasons for this. We need money to support the current version and.