Blockchain Investment Reaches $120 Million in 2017Q1

Over the first three months of 2017, overall investment in bitcoin and blockchain-related startups comprised $120 million spanning 21 deals. The officially announced funding of blockchain companies comprised $119.29 million with one more deal involving Tezos remaining officially undisclosed.

Ethtrade: 2016 Has Become the Year of Ethereum’s Maturing

This year, Ethereum has been one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies. The year 2016 started with a series of wins for the ambitious project, yet shortly afterwards it faced a series of problems. However, notwithstanding the hardfork after The DAO’s collapse, and the subsequent emergence of Ethereum Classic, many experts.

Japan’s Brokerage Company Money Partners Group Invests in Kraken

One of the world’s leading bitcoin exchanges Kraken has announced it raised significant funds during Series B investment round from a Japan-based currency brokerage company Money Partners Group. Parties did not disclose details of the deal, so the exact amount of the investment is unknown. Kraken’s CEO Jesse Powell said.

How to Legally Conduct Your Bitcoin Investment In Ukraine

We hear about Bitcoin investment every now and then. The theme is burning for both global investment funds (Nasdaq, American Express, Goldman Sachs) and regular entrepreneurs. Following the successful crowdfunding campaign of Bitcoin exchange KUNA in Ukraine, which was financed solely in bitcoins, the actuality of this kind of investment.

Reports: Cryptotechnologies Garner Record-Breaking Acceptance and Investment

Contrary to numerous predictions and announcements of bitcoin and related technologies being bleeding demised, recent reports depict a picture of increasing and, at times, overwhelming interest and support from financial industry. Thus, according to the report compiled by FTI Consulting, 70% of surveyed financial institutions believe that the blockchain technology.