Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee to Advise HTC Crypto-Friendly Smartphone Development Team

Charlie Lee announced HTC’s new blockchain-compatible smartphone will have native support for Litecoin and Lightning Network, adding that he was joining the HTC Exodus development team as an advisor.

Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee Clarifies His Position on Recent Acquisition of Stake in German Bank

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee provided some details about recent acquisition of Litecoin Foundation, stating he expects to receive a board position at the German WEG Bank AG, which will positively influence the further adoption of cryptocurrencies in the bank’s operations.

Not Just Bitcoin: Top 6 Altcoins Supporting Segregated Witness

SegWit might be one of the burning issues concerning Bitcoin’s scaling up, however, it has gone beyond the first cryptocurrency.

Who Wants to Be the Second: New Litecoin Roadmap Published

Litecoin Association has published a roadmap for Litecoin’s further evolution, which includes, among other things, new client software, enhanced protocol, and consolidation of various management and communication structures.

Ethereum Replaces Litecoin as the World’s Third Cryptocurrency in Terms of Market Cap

Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) demonstrates hasty growth these days. In fact, it managed to replace Litecoin as the world’s third cryptcurrency in terms of market cap. In addition, ETH price has also increased.