Mass Network Acquired by Mycelium’s CEO

Online advertising is a problem as big as the industry itself. However, Mass Network plans to solve this problem by letting users take part in revenue this industry produces, and applying the ancient old saying “If you can’t beat them, join them”.

Mass Network and Online Advertising Transformation

Recently, a group of advertising experts and blockchain specialists have joined forces to create Mass Network, a project seeking to solve one of the most critical problems in online advertising, being imbalance between advertisers and regular users who unwillingly provide the former with valuable and expensive information without receiving anything in.

Mass Network Looks To Bring a Universal Bitcoin-Based Solution to Online Advertising

A group of advertising industry and blockchain experts have combined efforts to create what they call “The Mass Network,” a ground-breaking project aimed at solving the problems of online advertising such as the imbalance of power between the advertisers and the internet users who unwillingly provide the industry big guns.