Russian Central Bank Studies Pros and Cons of National Digital Currency

The Central Bank of Russia does not have any pronounced position in regard of cryptocurrencies, yet it intends to study pros and cons of creating a government-controlled digital currency, the Central Bank’s deputy chairwoman Olga Skorobogatova stated at Finnopolis 2016 forum in Kazan.

National Cryptocurrency Could Be on Agenda in Moldova

Recently UNDP’s (United Nations Development Programme) Alternative Financing Lab in cooperation with Emercoin started testing whether blockchain can provide a more effective way of managing local UN office car fleet.

Atlantis is Back and it is Using Bitcoin

According to a Facebook entry by the prime minister of self-proclaimed micronation Atlantis, Joby Weeks, the country has officially made Bitcoin its currency. The country formerly known as Pontinha, is a small island off the Portuguese coast occupying 178 square meters of area. According to the country’s self-proclaimed leader “Prince”.