National Bank of Ukraine is ready to work on Bitcoin legalisation

On June 11th, the extended meeting of the Ukrainian National Banks’ public council committee on natural person payments examined Project for Bitcoin development in Ukraine presented by Mikhail Chobanian, Kuna Bitcoin Agency founder, and co-founder and co-executive of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine.

Bitcoin gets integrated in Russia in a perverted way

Special Read in Russian The news of probable, yet in fact inevitable, ban of Bitcoin in Russia may sadden some enthusiasts all over the world, but the real reasons for that are far from being obvious, although in the first instance it might not seem so. Actually, cryptocurrency banning is.

Russia loses its future by banning Bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency eulogy

SPECIAL: Read in Russian! ForkLog has always been closely monitoring the events related to banning of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Russia. According to one of our authors, Russian authorities’ refusal to embrace Bitcoin is somehow equivalent to the lost opportunity of creating Internet in the USSR. But now we.