The Present and the Future of Crowdfunding Regulation

News on yet another promising project raising funds or breaking another crowdfunding record strike the cryptocommunity more and more often. Still, the question remains whether the fundraising itself can guarantee a project’s success, and whether the team behind the project is liable to repay the investors if the whole affair.

Russian Tax Service Voices Stance on Cryptocurrencies

On November 29th, a letter from Russia’s Federal Tax Service No. ĐžA-18-17/1027 d.d. 10.03.2016 was added to the local legal reference system Consultant Plus. The letter in question covers the official stance of the authorities on cryptocurrencies in Russia.

Russian Central Bank Studies Pros and Cons of National Digital Currency

The Central Bank of Russia does not have any pronounced position in regard of cryptocurrencies, yet it intends to study pros and cons of creating a government-controlled digital currency, the Central Bank’s deputy chairwoman Olga Skorobogatova stated at Finnopolis 2016 forum in Kazan.