Putin Presented with a Roadmap for Blockchain Regulation

Russian Internet Development Institute (IDI) offered the president Vladimir Putin a roadmap regulating implementation of blockchain technology. Moreover, the roadmap includes proposals as to crowd-funding and crowd-investment, facilitate taxation of freelancers, and withdraw limitations on anonymous payments for tax and loan purposes.

A Draft Bill Implying Bitcoin Legalization Introduced in the Russian Parliament

December 18, a draft code implying penalization of issuance and exchange of, and operation with “money surrogates”, was introduced to the Russian Parliament, the State Duma. Russian authorities were going to equal cryprocurrencies to the said surrogates, and even introduce criminal and administrative punishment for any operations related thereto.

Russian Anti-Censorship NPO Proposes Users to Join Its Unbanning Efforts

Following the notorious court ruling as to the “eternal ban” of several Russian websites, including extremely popular BitTorrent tracker Rutracker.org, RosKomSvoboda, The Center for Protection of Digital Rights, and some activists initiated a campaign titled “The Battle of Runet”. The campaign provides for consolidation of efforts of those thinking the.

Story: How I used Bitcoins to Help an Imprisoned Friend

DISCLAIMER: This material was written by one of our readers. ForkLog disclaims all and any responsibility related to any events or anything described therein by the writer. Following the writer’s request, we do not disclose their personal data in the site’s materials. Recently I faced an uncommon problem of helping.