Bisq Co-Founder Chris Beams: There’s a Fundamental and Ultimately Fatal Flaw In the Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Model

In the light of the recent Coincheck hack which resulted in theft of over $500 million in NEM (XEM) cryptocurrency, the ongoing debate on the importance of decentralized solutions is taking another turn highlighting issues such as the vulnerability of ‘traditional’ centralized platforms and users having to sacrifice the control of their private keys in […]

Hashcoins To Replace Multiple Passwords With One Blockchain

A modern human being has to remember dozens of logins and passwords to access all accounts at different platforms. The more reliable the password, the harder it is to remember it; and the more unique passwords there are, the higher the probability of forgetting some of them.

Bitfinex Publishes a Plan for the Exchange’s Revival

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex plans to gradually recover access for users in the wake of a hack and theft of 120k BTC.

Bitfinex Halts Operations Due to Security Issues: $65 Million Stolen

Popular crypto-exchange Bitfinex has announced on Tuesday, August 2 that it halts all operations as a critical security issue has been discovered.

The Robin Hood Team: The DAO’s Assets May Return Without a Hardfork

A joint team of Ethereum Project, Slock.it and some anonymous developers which calls itself the Robin Hood team intends to bring back the ethers stolen from the DAO without hard-forking Ethereum.

Recursive Call: The DAO on the Brink of Death and Ethereum To Be Hardforked

Ethereum Foundation headed by Vitalik Buterin opted to save the DAO funds for investors. However, the latter will only have an option of withdrawing funds. The DAO, as it may seem, is no more.

The DAO Under Attack: $50 Million Stolen

Today, the world’s first decentralized venture fund The DAO has been attacked. Unknown hackers keep on withdrawing ETH tokens from the fund. Overall amount of stolen assets comprises around $50 million at the time of writing. ETH and DAO exchange rate has dropped almost immediately across all cryptocurrency exchanges. 1 ETH is worth 0.02 BTC […]

The DAO Eliminates Vulnerability That Allowed Endless Withdrawals from Some Accounts

A vulnerability in the implementation of Ethereum protocol by some developers has resulted in a need for fixing the DAO. The first decentralized venture foundation owns around $165 million accumulated during the recently closed crowdsale campaign.

Almost 33 Million Twitter Passwords Stolen and Put Up for Sale for Bitcoins

Information security website Leaked Source has announced that a database containing upwards of 32.8 million stolen Twitter passwords has popped up on the darkweb. The experts noted that the data had been stolen directly from users, most of whom use Russia-based services.

Emercoin Releases a Blockchain Solution for Network Administration

Emercoin has announced a blockchain-based out-of-box solution dubbed EmcSSH, which is an extension for standard administration protocol for SSH networks.

Malwarebytes Releases Anti-Ransomware Protection Kit

Malwarebytes, a well-known antivirus developer, has announced it releases a beta version of what it calls “the first ever anti-ransomware protection kit”.

MIT Researchers to Launch Beta of Encrypted Data Platform Enigma

A group of researchers and entrepreneurs from MIT Media Lab announced beta version of their encrypted daya platform Enigma will soon be released. The system has been in development since July 2015. It employs blockchain technology to maintait safe and secure sharing of sensitive data with third parties. The platform itself is named after famous […]