Cryptospace News Digest, June 20 – 26

Bitcoin rollercoaster and the cryptocurrency’s near future, the continuing the DAO drama, new investment in bitcoin industry, partnerships and initiatives regarding blockchain technology and fintech – all in ForkLog’s weekly overview. Bitcoin Price Over the course of past seven days, Bitcoin has shown the best of its famous volatility. A.

BitGo Announces Instant Transactions Service

BitGo announced lauching a new service, which would allow the company’s customers to accept bitcoin transactions prior to their official confirmation on the blockchain.

MIT Researchers to Launch Beta of Encrypted Data Platform Enigma

A group of researchers and entrepreneurs from MIT Media Lab announced beta version of their encrypted daya platform Enigma will soon be released. The system has been in development since July 2015. It employs blockchain technology to maintait safe and secure sharing of sensitive data with third parties. The platform.