Waves Founder Sasha Ivanov on Blockchain’s Omnitude and Recipe for Successful ICO

In an exclusive interview, CEO and founder of Waves Sasha Ivanov told ForkLog about his vision of development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain; new emerging trends in fundraising; and gave a few valuable pieces of advice to anyone considering an ICO.

Waves Platform Tests Asset Creation Ahead of Public Release

Waves, the 2.0 tokens platform, has released custom token functionality on its testnet ahead of the upcoming public release.

Waves Partners with BioViva

Blockchain platform Waves has announced it partnered with US-based scientific research company BioViva known for “addressing biological aging itself”.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Yobit Runs Suspicious Operations

Blockchain platform Waves has issued a statement to warn users about suspicious operations with Waves tokens at cryptocurrency exchange Yobit.

Waves Platform Raises Nearly $16 Million in a Crowdsale

Blockchain platform Waves has finalized the pre-sale of its tokens, having raised 29,445 BTC through crowdsale. At current exchange rate, this amount equals to $15,754,793.

Blockchain Platform Waves Announces Partnership with Mycelium

Shortly after Mycelium announced the new version of their bitcoin wallet to be released this fall, Waves team has announced future integration with the updated wallet. The announcement was published in the startup’s official blog. “We’re in the process of forging partnerships with several strategical partners. One of them is Mycelium.com, major bitcoin wallet provider. Currently […]

Waves Developers Present First Version of Testnet

Blockchain platform Waves has presented a testnet so that investors and other supporters could access the system’s prototype. Moreover, the release would enable investors to participate in development, for instance, by providing their feedback which is of utmost importance at early stages of any project. “Functionality is currently limited, but what we have seems to […]

Waves Platform Tokens Pre-Sale Launches Today

Blockchain platform Waves launches its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) at 12 a.m. GMT today. The project’s team intends to create a decentralized version of Kickstarter to successfully compete with existing crowdfunding projects. The team stresses that Waves is not yet another cryptocurrency, but a blockchain system with strictly defined functionality.

Blockchain Platform Waves to Create Kickstarter’s Killer

Creators of decentralized blockchain platform Waves intend to make blockchain-based crowdfunding a mass phenomenon. According to the project’s team, existing blockchain-based crowdfunding solutions still have inappropriately high entry threshold, as they require knowledge of cryptocurrencies, comprehension of their functioning, and lots of others specific aspects of the industry.

Launch of Decentralized Crowdfunding and Trading Platform Waves Announced

Waves development team along with Cryptoasset.fund and Scorex framework developers has announced it launches a decentralized crowdfunding and virtual values trading platform.